Lily James Finally Responds to Chris Evans’ Rumours


Lily James, who was rumored to be dating Marvel alum Chris Evans, has finally responded to those rumors.

Pandemic Love


In the summer amidst the pandemic, photographs of Chris Evans and Lily James going on a dinner date followed by an ice cream date in the park two days later surfaced. Fans were overjoyed when they saw their favorite hero finally found love because their dates looked like it was directly out of a fairytale, and both looked happy.

Crashing Reality

But the dreams were over, and everything came back crashing when Lily James was seen kissing Dominic West, her co-star. Dominic is married, and the drama that followed, I guess everyone knows that if you don’t, then read it here.

Chris Evans’ Girlfriend Lilly James Was Spotted Kissing A Married Man

Did Evans have a real shot?

But right now, an interview Lily James gave to The Guardian is resurfacing. Before these PDA pictures with Dominic West sprung up, all the fans of both actors could think about was how amazing their babies would look. But the PDA pictures of Lily James and Dominic West made them question if Chris Evans ever had a real shot with her.

London Work Romance


Even though none of us are aware of what went down between Lily James and Chris Evans or where they stand now, we now know that they were definitely dating and that it was going well. As a matter of fact, Chris Evans made sure to meet Lily James and spend time with her on his work trip to London amid the pandemic.

Lilly James Chris Evans and Dominic West: Pandemic Love Triangle Timeline

Breaking the Law

When asked what she did the summer, Lily James just said she was alone in her London home and spent time watching films and reading poetry aloud. But the journalist pressed a little harder on if she was undoubtedly alone, she responded with a coy smile and said, “No comment…I couldn’t confess to breaking laws, you know.

The comment about breaking the law because the UK had a strict policy on whom you can see and not see in the pandemic as a way to control the spread of Coronavirus. So, Lily James had the perfect answer to avoid the question about Chris Evans.

Will Never Know!


We wish we had better news on this front. At least we know that they both had something. Maybe they both broke up, and Lily James is throwing a tantrum and trying to get Chris Evans’ attention through that? Well, we will never know!


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