Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Workout Reveals A Forgotten Training Technique Every Man Should Be Using

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Achieve Your Body Goals With Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout:

Chris Hemsworth has an amazing body, including curvaceous thighs and hammer-ready arms. But it is also something that not many can achieve. It is almost as realistic as getting a unicorn, sitting on it and traveling around the world. However, people can work out like him to get somewhere close to their body goals. This is where Centr, a new training app by Hemsworth, comes in. The app has the potential to take your fitness to an entirely different level. It also contains the Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout.

Chris Hemsworth Latest Workout  :

Recently, the Aussie actor took to Instagram to post a new video. The video promotes the app as well as shows off the onscreen Thor’s body. It also contains the latest Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout. In the video, we can clearly see a forgotten training technique being used by the actor. This technique is something that gym-goers have definitely forgotten.


The Technique In The Recent Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout:

This forgotten technique in the Chris Hemsworth Workout is none other than simply having fun. Sounds silly, yes, but it has logical reasoning behind it as well. According to studies, mucking around and keeping your workout interesting is important. This is also backed by Hollywood stalwart Hugh Jackman. The actor believes that going to the gym with friends can increase your progress. Additionally, it can also increase your likelihood of maintaining your hard-sweated gains.

Therefore, Hemsworth’s iron-wrestling antics, playful banter and sudden bouts of yelling make sense. This is especially when he works out with his friend Jorge and his personal trainer Luke Zocchi.

The Video Showing Workout:

The video that Hemsworth posted shows the actor appearing to struggle. Chris seems to struggle while lifting heavy weights and kettlebells. He then successfully lifts these with motivation from his PT and his friend.


Furthermore, the workout video has dramatic music playing in the background. Also, the guys are adding improv sound effects of their own, by grunting and yelling.

Hemsworth captions the video as: “Wresting some iron with Jorge and Zoco while yelling loudly and playing dramatic music. Wanna see more of this madness?”

Moreover, the comment section of the video makes for an entertaining read. There are many people in the section who have tried the latest Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout. Most of them are of the opinion that it works quite well.


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