Know Why Mandalorian Can never Take Off His Helmet


The Mysteries Surrounding Mandalorian Helmet:

One of the biggest mysteries about Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian is the Mandalorian Helmet. Fans are curious as to whether the titular character takes off his helmet or not. However, Sanctuary, the fourth episode of the show proves that he does take his helmet off, but with a few exceptions. The culture of Mandalorian is unlike anything else in the Star Wars franchise. Not only is the Mandalorian Helmet, but also the Mandalorian Armor is something quite different.

Who Is The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorians come from the planet Mandalore. Furthermore, they are a unique breed of warriors who can wield ancient weapons, in addition to crafting very strong armors. These armors are often referred to as the Mandalorian Armor.

They are also very strong enough to defeat many famous adversaries. And it is all of this, which is present in The Mandalorian, in some way or the other.

What Is The Show All About?

The Mandalorian confirms that the main character is a foundling, an orphan. He was taken in by the Mandalorians after his parents were killed during the Clone Wars. Some of the flashback scenes can be seen in the first couple of episodes of the show. These scenes show some sort of an attack on the world of the Mandalorians.


However, we still don’t know if that planet is Mandalore, or if the attack was really the Siege of Mandalore. Regardless, at some point after the attack, we see the young child being rescued by the Mandalorians. Subsequently, they assimilate him into their culture. And it is since that very point that he hasn’t taken the Mandalorian Helmet off.

When Do We Get To See The Mandalorian Helmet Off?

About halfway through episode 4, the Mandalorian tells a young widow that he removed his Mandalorian Helmet a day before. However, he hasn’t removed his Mandalorian Helmet in front of another person in many decades. According to him, “This is the way.”

Soon after this conversation, the Mandalorian removes his Mandalorian Helmet off-screen so that he can eat. But, no one else is present to see his face without it. Subsequently, this, in a way, solves a huge mystery about the main character. But there is another question that rises about the Mandalorian culture.


A New Question Of Curiosity:

In the third episode, titled “The Sin,” the Mandalorian tells the Armorer that he has never removed his helmet. Moreover, we always see them with their Mandalorian Helmet on. The only exception here is the ones we see in the Star Wars animated shows. So, this makes us wonder if they actually wear their helmets all the time.

Subsequently, we also have the answer to this question. And it is both yes as well as no. Based on what The Mandalorian series reveals, they do remove their helmets when they are alone. But, they never do so when they are in the company of others. And this includes the people they are close with.

The Mandalorian culture is one of honor and pride. So, nothing physical or major happens to them when they remove their Mandalorian Helmet in front of others. Rather, they simply lose the privilege of wearing it ever again. And this is exactly what the Mandalorian tells Cara Dune towards the episode’s end.

Moreover, because of what their culture is, the fact does seem quite understandable.


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