Kevin Fiege Reveals Cut Iron Man Post-Credits Scene That Mentions Mutants


Kevin Feige’s Comments on Upcoming Marvel Movies

After the sale and eventual split, Disney now possesses the rights to 20th Century Fox. With this, it is only a matter of time before the X-Men and other mutants get their introductions in the MCU.

There are many alternate versions of post-credits scenes in Marvel movies that we are not aware of. One such cut version belongs to the 2008 Iron Man movie, according to Kevin Feige.

Recently, in the 45th Annual Saturn Awards, Marvel President Kevin Feige made his appearance in a pre-shot video presentation.

In the video, he speaks in detail about the Upcoming Marvel Movies, in addition to the Infinity Saga Box Set. This set will include scenes, footages and other materials that have been a part of Marvel’s vault.


And while Marvel has taken some things out of the vault, they are bringing the rest of them to the public. Feige then follows up by showing a deleted scene that no one has ever seen.

The Scene from The Marvel Vault:

The scene is an alternate cut version of the post-credits scene of Iron Man. In the scene, we can see Nick Fury coming out from the dark and addressing Iron Man.

Fury then goes on to say that he will now have to deal with a spoiled brat, referring to Stark.


He also speaks of dealing with gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites and assorted mutants. These references surely hint towards the many Upcoming Marvel Movies.

References of Nick Fury’s Comments:

Fury’s dialogue about “gamma accidents” is a hint to the second movie of MCU, The Incredible Hulk.

His mention of “radioactive bug bites” is a direct reference to Spider-Man. Also, his talk of “assorted mutants” refers to the characters of X-Men.
It is important to note here that Spider-Man does not become a part of Marvel Studios until years later.


This is when Disney strikes a deal with Sony Pictures for the Spider-Man franchise. During the shoot of Iron Man in 2008, X-Men was still a part of 20th Century Fox.

Therefore, this creates curiosity as to what this version of the scene meant back then.

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