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Kevin Feige Denies Any Casting Rumors Regarding Wolverine

I know, I know, we promised to give you nothing but good news for a while, but life is not full of roses, people!

Return of Wolverine

A little bit dramatic after reading this news, so put up with me a little. It has been long rumored that Wolverine will somehow return. Even after Hugh Jackman hanged his claws for good, we the fans never agreed that it’s the end.

While some significantly matured fans have come to an agreement with it, people like me haven’t, and it’s not like anything could change our minds about it.

Fox did a great job bringing to life one of the best comic book characters. They paved the way for Marvel to create the MCU. But now Wolverine and the X-Men have finally come home.

Mutants in the MCU


According to all the rumors, which Feige finally confirmed, mutants will be making their entry soon in the MCU. The first and the already confirmed one to do so as of now is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

The recent news was that Deadpool 3 will be R- rated and that it will be a part of the MCU timeline. And the long-standing rumor that Wanda and her brother are mutants will be finally addressed in WandaVision.

Hugh Jackman to return?


So, we know what that means, right? Yeah, we thought so too! When asked if the X-Men will be coming to the MCU in phase 4, Feige didn’t say yes or no. He did say that it is in serious discussion and that they will be joining soon.

With that and the already roaming rumor of Wolverine making an appearance in a Phase 4 movie, fans and the interviewer had the same doubt. Feige, who has been attending a lot of interviews for WandaVision promotions, was asked about Wolverine and if he has someone in mind for that role.

Well, he bluntly said, “No.” This could just mean, “No, I can’t tell you now,” or “No, we haven’t gotten there yet.”

Passing on the mantle


But what many fans think is that either Hugh Jackman will return or the Wolverine mantle will be carried here on out by Dafne Keen’s Laura. We would have to wait a little longer to know what is in the Marvel writer’s mind.

So, either the news that Hugh Jackman was getting ready to play Wolverine again was just a wild rumor, or it might be true, and Feige just wants us to be kept in the dark about it for now.


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