Man Suffering From Pathological Laughter Like ‘Joker’ Says Joaquin Phoenix Showed It Accurately


The Laughter In Joker Joaquin Phoenix:

One of the first things you notice about Joker Joaquin Phoenix is Arthur Fleck’s laughter. The Joaquin Phoenix Laughter is one thing that has become famous now. Moreover, his laughing disorder is amongst the biggest plot points of the film. The movie has perfectly shows how this illness affects Fleck, even though he cannot do anything to stop or control it.

The One Man Who Understands The Pain Behind Joaquin Phoenix Laughter:

Quite possibly every single viewer feels heartbroken every time Arthur starts to laugh uncontrollably. And this is especially true for all those bad times which lead to a lot of misunderstandings. However, there is one man who can understand Arthur Fleck’s pain completely. What’s more? He can also relate to this aspect of his character, more so than anyone else.

The man is Scott Lotan, who has a pathological laughing disorder just like Fleck does in the film. He is a 47-year old who lives in Virginia Beach, USA. And for him, the pseudobulbar affect (or PBA) is a symptom of his multiple sclerosis. This causes him to have several laughing episodes, some of which might last up to 10 minutes.

Lotan’s Comment On The Disorder:

In a recent interview, Lotan makes a lot of comments on this disorder. He says that he has had issues because of the disorder. Many a time, the restaurants have not served him food or asked him to leave because the waitstaff was uncomfortable. Moreover, there have been times when he is out for a drink with friends. And if there is someone with low self-esteem, they believe that he is laughing at them. And due to this, they try to start a fight with him.


Just like Arthur, he also has to deal with many misunderstandings. This also leads to isolation, that too on a regular basis. And all of this is because of something he literally has no control over. This is quite similar to what happens to Joker Joaquin Phoenix.

One Of The Laughing Instances Of Lotan:

However, none of these instances compares to one wherein he could not stop laughing during a big tragedy. He was leaving his engagement party when they were hit by a drunk driver. His fiancée died at the scene, followed by his mother three days later. He remembers that he was at the scene. The police were questioning him but he could not stop himself from laughing. In fact, at the wakes for his mother and his fiancée, he had to separate himself from everyone. This is because he was bursting into laughter at times.

Lotan’s Comments On Joker Joaquin Phoenix And His Portrayal Of The Disorder:

Lotan further adds that he tries to be fully aware of himself at all times. He understands that it is beyond his control. However, knowing that people think he is a freak and the fact that he always has to explain to people that he is not an emotionally void psychopath is difficult.


Regardless, with a movie like this, which shows the illness so realistically, people might become more empathetic to those who live with the disorder. In regards to Joker Joaquin Phoenix and the Joaquin Phoenix Laughter, Lotan says something as well. He thinks that Phoenix did a great job of capturing the disorder. The actor successfully captures the inability to stop laughing no matter what the circumstances are. Lotan further feels as if he experienced a deep sense of rejection in the bus scene. Moreover, the scene is similar to what Lotan felt during the days of his accident.

He also thinks that Phoenix captures the feeling of isolation and frustration with the lack of understanding from others quite well. He says that at times during the film, he felt as if he was looking at his own reflection.

In Conclusion:

As of now, Lotan feels good that the movie is bringing focus to this. And even if it helps one person in the future, the movie will be worth something. Moreover, maybe the time has come for people to be more understanding and not lash out at someone who laughs for no reason.


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