Joker Breaks October Opening Day Box Office Record


Joker Collection On Opening Day:

It seems like the recently released Joaquin Phoenix has broken a great record. Joker Collection on an opening day breaks the all-time October opening day record at the box office. Along with this, the film also lives up to the expectations of its fans. With expectations that it will do very well commercially, the film stands up to the hopes of many.

According to the projections about the film as early as in August, Joker would supposedly debut in excess of $70 million. This amount is way higher than the debut of the fellow DC adaptation, Aquaman. And this is before the movie won the Golden Lion at the 2019 Venice Film Festival.

This is also before the numerous controversies about the depiction of gruesome violence and handling of its themes started surrounding Joker. All of this only gave rise to more interest amongst people. And it is because of this interest that thousands all over the world saw the film when it hit theatres last week.


The Total Joker Collection On Opening Day:

According to sources, the film earned $39.9 million domestically on its opening day. This is including the $13.3 million from the preview screenings. It has thereby set a new October opening day record. The film now stands a chance for an opening weekend total of almost $93 million. And if it does happen, this will be a new all-time best for director Todd Phillips.

What Led To Such Joker 2019 Box Office Records?

Along with this record, Joker also surpasses the mark set by Venom a year ago during this time. The film also did not waste time leaving a mark at the box office. The sales of the film went off the rood during the lucrative Thursday night preview screenings. And now, the film is already staking claim to one of the many records it wishes to break during its run.

However, such results are not that surprising. Let’s leave aside the known character and the pop culture standing of the Clown Prince of Crime. Simply the conversation that surrounds film sparks a lot of curiosity amongst people. In addition to that, the backlash and outrage regarding Joker are also beneficial to sales. This is because it is due to this backlash that many people wanted to see what the fuss was about and if it was really deserving of all the criticism.


Other Reasons For A Great Joker Collection At Box Office:

Joker is one of the contenders of the biggest awards of the year. Along with this, actor Joaquin Phoenix is a Best Actor frontrunner, all thanks to his chilling and transformative performance as Arthur Fleck. His acting and character have a sense of intrigue. Moreover, Joker is a very different kind of comic book film. Its approach and execution are also very new and different.

This might serve to be yet another major reason why the Joker Collection is breaking records this year.

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