Joaquin Phoenix Tells Us The ‘Heart-breaking’ Deleted Scene From Joker


Joker Joaquin Phoenix And His Cut Scene:

The cut scenes of films and DC have a love affair older than time itself. Remember the petitions regarding the Snyder cut for Justice League? Yeah, it is quite complicated. However, Todd Philips, the director of Joker, seems to hate deleted scenes. One more reason for yet another Joker Movie Controversy? The lead actor of Joker Joaquin Phoenix gives us a look into the possible reason for it.

Todd Philips’ Comments:

In a recent interview, Philips seems quite vocal about his feelings for cut scenes. He says that he hates extended cuts and deleted scenes. He also goes on to say that he deletes these scenes for a reason. He also says that he would never release such a scene. According to him, the movie that exists is exactly the movie that he wishes it to be.

Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix And His Thoughts:

In saying so, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good scenes that Philips has left out from the final product. The lead actor of Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, talks about one such scene. This is a scene that he thinks is brilliant but is not in the film. One of the reasons behind it is that the director thinks that removing the scene would make more sense.


The Reason For The Cut:

In the film, this is one of the best scenes according to Joker Joaquin Phoenix. Sadly, we will not get to see it. Phoenix says that he really liked the scene and his behavior in it. However, Todd cut that scene out. In what seems to be like a blow, the actor’s first thoughts are “What do you mean you cut that scene out?”

However, after watching it on screen, the answer is very obvious. The scene does not match up to the film’s continuity and had to go. Phoenix further weighs in on the whole practice of cutting out great scenes. Usually, they do this to make the film better as a whole.

And this is what is so cool about movies. You can have a great scene, something that makes complete sense. However, the movie as a whole is a collection of many such scenes. And so, they all have to work well together to be able to tell the complete story. This is what makes the whole sequence so smooth and continuous.

The Cut Scene:

The scene in question is one between Arthur and Randall. The latter originally lends Arthur his gun. They meet for the second time in the stairwell. In the film’s final cut, this scene gets a call-back. And this happens when Arthur writes on the sign down the stairwell.


Even though they cut the scene, it doesn’t mean that Philips and Phoenix did not love it. Todd Philips admits that the scene broke their hearts. He also says that it could have been the last scene that he cut out.

But, for now, we can safely say that we will not get any more cut footage. It is, however, possible in the future. Or we can at least hope for it.


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