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Is Joker sequel happening with Joaquin Phoenix?


Actor Joaquin Phoenix To Reunite With Director Todd Phillips For Joker Sequel:

Actor Joaquin Phoenix and Director Todd Phillips are all set to make a sequel to the hit DC film, Joker. This is even after them denying any possibility of a sequel throughout their promotional tour. However, we will soon be getting the sequel to the most successful R-rated film ever made.

Reports suggest that Todd has approached Warner Bros. He has propositioned to bring more DC characters’ origin stories to the big screen. This is especially after Joker registered a grand opening of almost a $100 million just on its first weekend. As of now, the film has made around $1 billion at the box office.


The Joker Sequel And The Records Set By Its Predecessor:

As of now, we are very sure that a Joker sequel is happening. While Director Todd Phillips will return to direct it, Actor Joaquin Phoenix will also reprise his titular role.


The film did break a lot of the major records while exceeding everyone’s expectations, especially in the United States. It made a total of $340 million at the domestic box office while making $820 million overseas. Additionally, it is the fourth DC film to cross the $1 billion mark. This is after Aquaman, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight.

About Joker

The film with Actor Joaquin Phoenix in the lead offers a new take on the origin story of the rise of Batman’s maniacal arch-enemy.

Furthermore, it paints a dark portrayal of a would-be stand-up comedian’s descent into madness. Actor Joaquin Phoenix also received amazing reviews for his portrayal of the legendary villain. Additionally, the film was also in deep waters due to several criticisms.


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