Is Big John El Hefe in Day Shift? Is Big John A Vampire?


The words El Hefe was thrown around a lot in the Day Shift. While the dangerous drug Lord of the real world is not who they are talking about, our guess is it might be Big John.

Who is Big John in Day Shift?

Is Big John El Hefe in Day Shift?

If you haven’t watched Day Shift yet, we highly recommend you to stay away from reading the below theories because it definitely has spoilers.

El Hefe, according to Bud, is someone who has been a few hundred years old, and obviously, like the real world, he is on top of a drug cartel too.


But, no one has ever seen him. He is supposedly a powerful vampire who is lying low. Now our favorite Big John is a badass vampire hunter, according to what we know.

Big John, played by the real-time badass Snoop Dogg, is not only a big name in the vampire hunters union but also a big name among the vampires.

Now the question is…..

Is Big John a vampire?

We clearly saw Big John getting hurt in the neck while he sent Bud off to save his family. But a few moments later, we get to see him fastened to a giant bomb to take out all the vampires in the area.


The bomb goes out, and we see Bud handing over Big John’s hat to our Seth after the climax.

But what took us by surprise was that Big John survived the bomb. How is that humanely possible?

Is Big John El Hefe?

Is Bud Still in The Vampire Hunters Union in Day Shift?

Given that Big John survived a vampire bite and a bomb explosion where the bomb was strapped on him, we might be led to believe that he might be El Hefe.


But still, things are a little blurry because we do know that he means well and has taken out all the vampires to become valuable members of the hunting community.

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