Iron Man On Disney Plus, Tony Stark To Return For New Series?


Iron Man On Disney Plus- Possibilities:

There is a fair possibility that we might see Iron Man On Disney Plus. This rumour already has fans waiting with baited breaths about an official announcement. Ever since Endgame broke millions of hearts with Tony Stark’s death, fans have been wondering if Iron Man Robert Downey Jr will return to the MCU.

Moreover, Marvel Phase 4 and 5 are well underway. So, with the upcoming origin stories of numerous characters, we could possibly have an Iron Man appearance somewhere. And one such rumor suggests that Tony Stark will be back as Iron Man On Disney Plus.


A Passing Comment Regarding Iron Man On Disney, One That Sounds Legit:

In a recent interview, Jeff Goldblum was reportedly answering fan questions, which included those about Iron Man. There were many questions about his character Grandmaster being in Thor: Love and Thunder. And it is here when the actor voluntarily shared some delectable details thereby confirming a few things for us.

First, the actor hopes that Grandmaster will appear in the new Thor film. He also adds that he paid a visit to Disney Studios. And this was to reprise his role for a different Marvel series. Which one do you ask? The series is none other than the upcoming What If…?


Next, Goldblum also mentions that he did voice work for one episode of the animated series. What is interesting here is that the episode includes the character of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. This means that we will have Iron Man On Disney Plus. According to Goldblum, Robert Downey Jr will have voice work for the episode as well.

Steve Rogers Becomes Iron Man On Disney

This is confusing at first. But read on to find out what we mean.

Disney Plus has recently released a first look clip of Marvel’s What If…? Furthermore, the clip shows Steve Rogers in his ore-Captain America body trying to maneuver himself. That too, in an Iron Man suit.

According to the leaked footage, this is a part of an episode about Peggy Carter. And therefore, this makes the possibility of the episode having at least one Stark character on the scene. Safe to say, we can expect to see Iron Man On Disney Plus real soon.


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