Inuyasha: How was the relationship between Sesshomaru and Rin?


Sesshomaru and Rin are the two characters from the manga and anime series “Inuyasha“. When Rin was a little girl, her family was slaughtered by bandits. This traumatized her so much that she became mute, at least temporarily. 

While Sesshomaru is a powerful demon and the half brother of Inuyasha(the main character of the series). He was emotionless and obsessively proud, but it was Rin who softens his heart.

His character is voiced by Ken Narita in the Japanese version, and by David Kaye and Michael Dangerfield in the English version of the anime. 

While Rin’s is voiced by Mamiko Noto in Japanese and Brenna O’Brien for the English version.


How did Sesshomaru and Rin meet?

When Rin meets Sesshomaru for the first time, he was badly injured after losing a fight against Inuyasha. Being an 8-year-old kid, she innocently approaches him and offers him food. But he ignores her kindness. As usual, remaining cold and distant towards humans and half-demons. But she relentlessly and fearlessly continues with her kind actions.

One day, Rin gets attacked by wolves and eventually kills her; Sesshomaru uses his Tenseiga to revive her. Rin perceives this as an act of kindness and decides to follow him on his journey. She also regains the ability to talk after she was revived.

What was their relationship like?



Initially, Sesshomaru distaste all humans and half-demons, however, it was Rin who brought a huge change in his heart. Rin has immense faith in him so she doesn’t get scared by his regular killings of demons in front of her. In fact, she mentions that humans are scarier than demons.

Sesshomaru also shows genuine care by protecting her and keeping her safe from any harm. Such devotion has shaped him into becoming more caring towards humans.

Recently, there was a massive reveal by Rumiko Takahashi on the sequel of the anime. Rin and Sesshomaru become a couple and have twin daughters. This has sparked mixed emotions among fans.

One side justifies this pair, however, the other side is completely against it on the grounds of morality. Because of their huge age gaps, the fandom is divided into two sides. 



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