This Is How Thanos Can Return In The MCU’s Future


Thanos Will Return In The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

We have been witnesses to Thanos’ death in Avengers: Endgame. But this death doesn’t necessarily need to be the end of the Mad Titan. Recent reports strongly suggest that Thanos Will Return at some point in MCU’s future. This is especially possible if Marvel Studios decides to make Thanos like his comic counterpart. And if that happens, the villain of the MCU, Thanos, can be one villain who never stays dead for long.

The MCU Thanos In Comics

In Marvel Comics, resurrection is a very common theme. Especially in the case of Thanos, it is something that is of a regular occurrence. In a major story from the 1970s, Adam Warlock killed Thanos. However, Marvel Comics did bring the Mad Titan back for Infinity Gauntlet. And with this, the long-running trend for Thanos began.

Thanos has died many times over the years, but always comes back, one way or the other. Marvel also explains some of these deaths in its comments. According to Marvel Studios, Thanos has clones of himself. Quite recently, Thanos died in the 2018 crossover Infinity Wars. In the story, his own daughter, Gamora, beheads the Mad Titan.


The Possibility That Thanos Will Return Again

Thanos is arguably the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe. And it is the same for his character in the MCU as well. Thanos was introduced in The Avengers in 2012. And with his introduction, we can safely say that he also established himself as the biggest threat to the planet.

Moreover, with the movies, Marvel Studios also created several conflicts between the MCU superheroes and Thanos. We should also keep in mind that it is because of Thanos that we were able to see nearly every hero in the MCU. In what is possibly the largest team-up to date, each MCU hero fights the Mad Titan as their ultimate adversary. So, in saying so and with a reputation like that, is Marvel really done with Thanos?

Thanos Will Return: A False Hope, Since The Original Thanos Is Dead

Thanos accomplishes everything he sets out to do in Infinity War. He gathers the six Infinity Stones and wipes out half of all life in the universe. And then, he takes some time to enjoy the “final” sunset. And then, he retires to a quiet life on an unknown planet. He is finally content that he has fulfilled his lifelong dream.


Thanos knows that the Avengers will return, so he uses the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the Infinity Stones. This way, he is certain that actions can never be undone. But unfortunately for him, he has to face a consequence as well. By destroying the stones, he also damages his body in the process. And two days later, when the Avengers ambush him in his home, he explains everything to the heroes.

So, the remaining heroes, who wish to defeat Thanos and undo his actions, can no longer do anything. The only thing they can do is get retribution for the people who are dead. Subsequently, they fight a weak Thanos. Thor further corrects his Infinity War mistake with his Stormbreaker and beheads Thanos. Thanos is finally dead, and half of the universe is avenged.

The 2014 Thanos Is Beaten, But Thanos Will Return, If The Avengers Have

We know that the Avengers use the Quantum Realm to travel into the past and retrieve the Stones. And they need to do it fast before Thanos and the Black Order can find them. But, while doing so, an earlier version of Thanos opposes them. The original MCU Thanos from the main timeline is long dead. But the heroes need to deal with 2014 Thanos, who still needs to find the Stones. So, the Avengers hit Thanos with everything they have. But even that is not enough to beat the Mad Titan. Thanos still outnumbers the mightiest heroes of the Earth.

This is when Tony Stark intervenes with his makeshift Infinity Gauntlet. He risks his own life by doing the same thing to Thanos what he did to half of the universe in Infinity War. Iron Man uses the double power of the Infinity Stone and erases Thanos as well as his minions. They all crumble into dust, marking Thanos’ second defeat in the same movie.


However, Thanos’ death isn’t the same as that of Spider-Man, War Machine and the other heroes who die in Infinity War. While their death is the same as that of Thanos, they are all undone by Professor Hulk. They all come back with the Infinity Stones. Professor Hulk proves that what the Infinity Stones can take away, they can also give it back. So, if Marvel can reverse the deaths of the heroes, then it can also do so with Thanos. The 2014 Thanos Will Return if someone gathers up the Stones again.

MCU Thanos In The Future, Since Time Travel Still Exists:

In the MCU, people can travel through time in two ways, using the Quantum Realm and the Time Stone. You need the Pym Particles to access the former. Of course, there may be other methods to do so as well. However, WandaVision, the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series has a set of the 1950s. This setting teases the fact that the MCU will not restrict itself to a single point in the timeline.

In saying so, as long as time travel remains an option, so does the resurrection of Thanos. The present-day Infinity Stones now remain destroyed. But the Avengers have many other ways of using their power, as well already know. Therefore, someone can travel through time. They might also gather the Stones again, and use them to resurrect the greatest villain of the MCU.


Therefore, the possibility that Thanos Will Return, especially by the Infinity Stones, remains unlikely. However, it is also possible on the other hand. So, while Thanos may remain dead, the preparation for his return is already in the works.

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