Happy Birthday Queen Bey: Five times Beyoncé broke the internet


She gives every singer to run for their money, and she makes us just fall in love with her. She makes statements and makes the headlines often, but it definitely gives us the chills when she does.


Here are five moments where she made us completely fall in love with her!




Beyonce was the first woman of color to headline Coachella in 2018. Giving us all goosebumps with her performance.





She made us realize she is as human as possible when she forgave and accepted Jay-Z back after his affair.


Meghan Markle


Beyonce gave a video acceptance speech for the BRits with a pic of her and Jay Z standing before Meghan’s painting. Thus making the world and every British citizen know that she got her sister’s back!


Brown skin girl


She made the song Brown skin girl one year before the Black lives matter movement. She made every brown-skinned girl wear her skin with pride, particularly when America’s racism was brought out to the light.


Who runs the world?



She gave every girl the best hype song when she made the “who runs the world?” video. It might’ve been years since it released, but we are never forgetting that!



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