Marvel’s Original Plans For Thanos Were Quite Different From What We Saw


Marvel’s Original Plans For Endgame Thanos Would Have Improved His Character Journey:

New concept art for Endgame Thanos hints at an improved character arc for the Mad Titan. Moreover, it seems way better than the one we actually saw in the MCU. It seems that Marvel’s original plans for Endgame could have dramatically improved Thanos’ character journey.

This is also because we saw two different sides to the Mad Titan in the last two Avengers blockbusters. While Thanos was a Warrior in Endgame, he was the Philosopher in Infinity War. And all of this was done by using time travel, with the Endgame Thanos actual originating from 2014.

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The Different Sides Of The Mad Titan:

In theory, something like this was essentially supposed to create a more loose and inverted character arc. The basic idea behind Thanos Backstory was that the 2014 Thanos would be somewhat of a brutal warlord. However, he would eventually mature a little in the next four years. Furthermore, he would also become more philosophical and contemplative.

But he then possesses the Infinity Stones. And these allow him to become increasingly confident. This would further explain why he abandons the use of armor and the mysterious sword which could even destroy Cap’s shield. Unfortunately, this character journey does quite work that well, since it seems forced and abrupt. Moreover, the two Thanos versions don’t really go together all that well. In addition to this, the four-year leap doesn’t seem to be enough time for the Mad Titan to change, that too so drastically.

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How Could The Original Plans Be More Organic And Useful Then?

However, there is some evidence that suggests that Marvel’s original plans for Endgame Thanos would have been a more organic arc. New concept art from Endgame suggests that Marvel originally had plans for the Avengers to meet Thanos’ earlier version. This would have been the one who was active a decade or more ago.

The art also shows an earlier version of Nebula, who had only recently been adopted by Thanos. Concept artist Andy Parks explains that this Nebula would have been the one before she was tortured and reconstructed by Thanos. He further says:

“I was still trying to convey Nebula’s badass look by giving her hairstyles that kept with her character. But at the end of the day, that didn’t make it into the movie.”

However, it is important to remember that Thanos had experimented with Nebula in her teenage years. Furthermore, this was a form of punishment for her failure to defeat her sister Gamora in competitions. So, the more organic the designs of Nebula, the further back in time they must be from.


In saying so, this would create an implicit character journey for Endgame Thanos. Additionally, this journey would be far more effective.


Endgame Thanos’ Original Journey:

The earliest version of the Mad Titan would be the Warrior Thanos. He is the warlord who personally destroys numerous worlds across the entire galaxy. He is also the one who sadistically tortures the adopted daughters who he professed to love. Although, over the years, Endgame Thanos would possibly have begun to feel that his methods weren’t accomplishing anything. He would feel that for all his best efforts, population growth was still proceeding towards a cosmic extinction-level event.

And so, he withdrew from active missions of genocide. Instead, he shifted his focus on acquiring the Infinity Stones. Furthermore, it is only when the Infinity Stones are in play that Thanos really rises from his chair again, in order to defeat the Avengers. And in this way, the entire period of time makes his journey seem natural, in addition to being less forced than what we see in the final theatrical cut.


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