Does The Trailer Of Black Widow Proves That, The Movie Is Years Late?


The MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer:

The first MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer is full of interesting characters and intense action. Furthermore, it also proves that the film is happening many years late.

Promising us a fascinating backstory, the film will have thrilling action sequences and MCU’s trademark humor as well. However, it also confirms the fact that a Black Widow solo movie should have happened years ago.

All You Need To Know About Black Widow:

Production for the Black Widow solo movie began in late 2017. However, we didn’t have an official announcement of the film until the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Moreover, it fully unveiled Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Furthermore, it also revealed many other details of the movie as well. This included the casting on David Harbour as Red Guardian, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova and the fact that Taskmaster would the villain.

The script was rewritten, and Cate Shortland took the helm as the director of the movie. Subsequently, the filming finally began in mid-2019.

However, the film had one big problem. It was the fact that Black Widow was already dead. We know how Johansson’s character sacrifices herself in Endgame to the Soul Stone. This means that her solo movie would need to happen in MCU’s past, rather than its present or the future.

What The MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer Confirms:

The very first MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer verifies a lot of our concerns. The story mentions family, confronting the past and the statement that nothing lasts forever. The footage here shows Natasha and her Russian friends going back to “where it all began.”


Each of these themes would have had a larger impact had the movie released in 2016, rather than 2020. Before Natasha’s death in Endgame, fans would be curious if Black Widow was leaving the Avengers or not.


There would also be questions about her potentially getting killed or being sent back to Russia due to immigration policies. However, knowing that Black Widow ends up right where she began in the Avengers HQ before dying on Vormir answers all of these questions.

It further removes all elements of mystery which the MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer could have created.


Our Theories About Black Widow:

The film will still probably be great. This is because many prequels succeed even after fans know how the story eventually pans out. Moreover, Johansson’s action scenes look quite impressive, based on the MCU Black Widow Movie Trailer.

Additionally, a major USP about MCU is its interconnected format and the impact one film has upon the next. While Black Widow’s trailer doesn’t offer that, it is still peripheral to the main story rather than being integral to it.

Moreover, there’s a lot of time for that to change, and the film might have more surprises for us.


However, the main issue is that the film is happening several years too late. The post-Civil War era or the one that immediately follows the Age of Ultron would have been the ideal time to explore Natasha’s backstory.

It would have also made her debut solo quite adventurous. Not only that, the stakes would be high, and audiences wouldn’t know what to expect then.

Instead, Marvel is in more of a catch-22 situation, where the movie might receive backlash, in addition to the lead character already reaching the end of her journey.


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