Doctor Strange Secretly Linked To An X-Men Villain In Infinity War


Avengers Infinity War Villain And Doctor Strange:

We know about the reference of Avengers Infinity War Villain in the movie. The film also credits Doctor Strange’s mystic powers in this regard. It is because of him that the movie could refer to the X-Men villain Juggernaut.

Furthermore, the battle between the Sorcerer Supreme and Thanos is also important. It remains a highlight of the Infinity War. Strange also foresees the team’s defeat. But he also knows what he has to do to make sure they win in the future.

And to do this, he levies some of the most powerful spells we have ever seen in the MCU. He then uses these spells against the Mad Titan. And with this, he makes us witness the ultimate “Wizard’s Duel.”


The Link to Avengers Infinity War Villain:

Marvel typically explores a lot of ideas for its movies. Moreover, there are many concept arts for the film. One such Infinity War concept arts show Strange sending Thanos across the dimensions. While doing so, he mirrors the “Magical Mystery Tour” in Doctor Strange. But the final version digs impressively deep into the Marvel lore. It also makes subtle references to an X-Men villain. Thereafter, it links X-Men And Doctor Strange.

In the movie, Strange uses a spell that pins Thanos with extradimensional energy. About this, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have made comments. They say that this energy is actually part of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Marvel has also spoken about this in the past. This is a restraining device that holds Kaeculius in Doctor Strange.

It is also the Marvel version of the Crimson Bands. Subsequently, it also holds a lot of importance. This is because it incorporates an X-Men villain into the MCU. It could also potentially hint towards the future of Marvel’s shared universe.


The X-Men Villain:

In Marvel Comics, Cyttorak is a powerful demonic being who has worshippers on Earth. But then, due to certain unknown circumstances, he is banished from this dimension. Following this, he takes up residence in the Crimson Cosmos. He also offers his magic to worshippers, like Morgan Le Fey.

Then, Cyttorak’s cultists successfully create the Crimson Gems of Cyttorak. These are mystical gemstones that Cyttorak uses to choose his avatars. These avatars come to be known as the Juggernauts. Furthermore, their main task is to bring glory to the demon’s name. And they do this by wreaking havoc and causing widespread destruction.

The Juggernauts of X-Men And Doctor Strange:

Cain Marko is the most famous Juggernaut ever. He is a classic X-Men rival. He is also the step-brother of Charles Xavier. Moreover, we can see his comic version in Deadpool 2.


In Doctor Strange, the Ancient One explains how MCU’s model of magic works. According to him, the language of mystic arts is as old as civilization. They harness the energy which they draw from the other multiverse dimensions. They then use it to cast spells and conjure shields. They also conjure weapons to create magic with this power. This further explains the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

Furthermore, the spell that Strange has learned tends to tap into Cyttorak’s power. It draws energy from the Crimson Cosmos. And then, it uses this power to create somewhat of an unbreakable restraint. Regardless, even the power of the Avengers Infinity War Villain cannot defeat the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Implications Of These Powers:

All this implies that Cyttorak does exist within the MCU. This could likely be in a comic form. Moreover, he could potentially be a major player in MCU’s future. Doctor Strange 2 will reportedly explore the Multiverse.

The fabric of reality will also be torn apart in MCU’s Phase 4. So, if this does happen, Cyttorak could make his presence known. He could also even choose the Juggernaut of the MCU.


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