Doctor Strange Should Be Able To Time Travel Even Without Time Stone


The Possibility Of Doctor Strange Quantum Realm Visit:

Doctor Strange, as well as the Masters of the Mystic Arts,  can still travel through time. And they don’t need the Time Stone to do so. Moreover, the Masters of the Mystic Arts has kept the Time Stone for many centuries, at the very least. Also, they consider the Time Stone to be their greatest weapon.

This is especially because both the Ancient One and Doctor Strange use it to explore future timelines. They can also work out how to engineer events to prevent cosmic catastrophes if any. And it is because of this that there exists the possibility of a Doctor Strange Quantum Realm visit.

The Working Of The Time Stone:

The sorcerers have the most experience with the Time Stone. This means that they understand time better than anyone else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is also why we see the Ancient One giving a Time Travel lesson to the Hulk in Endgame.


In this way, the viewers also get a hint about the loose “rules” of time travel in the MCU. We also see some of these secrets in the Book of Cagliostro. This ancient tome also teaches Dr Strange Time Stone’s usage.

However, many users assume that all this knowledge and experience is now useless. This is especially after the destruction of the Time Stone. Furthermore, they believe that the only way to time travel is via the Quantum Realm.

Doctor Strange Quantum Realm Usage:

However, Doctor Strange may still possess the ability to travel in time, even without his Infinity Stone. It is important to note that the Masters of the Mystic Arts understand the Multiverse way better than anyone else. And this includes Hank Pym, Tony Stark as well as Scott Lang. We also see a Magical Mystery Tour in the Doctor Strange movie. In the tour, Doctor Strange’s astral form is cast through countless dimensions. There is also a Doctor Strange Quantum Realm visit.


This further proves that the Masters of the Mystic Arts have a basic familiarity with this mysterious existence. Moreover, if the sorcerers know about the Quantum Realm, there’s no reason that they cannot reach it.

The Working Of Doctor Strange Quantum Realm Time Travel:

We know that Doctor Strange introduced the concept of Sling Rings. These are mystical devices that the Masters of the Mystic Arts use to focus their energy. A sorcerer can open a portal to anywhere they want to with their mind using this device.

doctor-strangeThey can also explore other dimensions with it. In Mordo’s words, “they allow us to travel throughout the Multiverse.” Therefore, the Doctor Strange Quantum Realm visit is possible by the use of the Sling Ring. And then they can exit at any other point in time and space as well.


How Doctor Strange Learns About Time Travel:

Doctor Strange learns to time travel through the Quantum Realm in Infinity War. He also sees the 14 million alternate futures and learns the one where the heroes can win. And this is possible only because of their travel through the Quantum Realm. Doctor Strange not only has the means but is the one Master of the Mystic Arts who possesses the knowledge as well.

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