Disney+ Will Be Available In 5 Countries In November 2019

Why Have Most Of The People Subscribed To Disney+?

Marvel’s Disney Plus channel will soon be available in just five out of the many countries in the world after its slated launch in November this year.

The channel will be entering the war zone of video streaming platforms this fall, full of new content for fans across the globe.

A Limited Rollout:

Unfortunately for many consumers, the platform will take its own sweet time to release globally, especially since it will only be available in five countries after the launch.

Disney made an official announcement stating that Disney Plus will launch in Canada, the United States and the Netherlands on November 12, after which it will premiere in New Zealand and Australia on November 19.


Where subscriptions are concerned, the platform will cost $8.99 per month in Australia and Canada, €6.99 per month in the Netherlands and $9.99 per month in New Zealand.

Additionally, it will cost $6.99 per month in the US.

What Is New for Fans with The Launch of Disney Plus?

The channel has over 7,000 TV episodes and 300 movies, along with other originals that are currently in production. This also includes a plethora of series under the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.


As of now, we know of the five shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will air on Disney Plus as part of its Phase 4.

These shows will further connect with the movies of the MCU in a way that their Netflix and ABC series could never do.

With the wide range of content that the platform is supposedly said to have, people around the world are surprisingly quite interested in subscribing to the platform when it finally launches this November.


Future Plans of Disney Plus:

Disney has its plans set in motion to launch the service in all the major world markets within the first two years of its premiere.

This means that some countries may not be able to access the service until sometime during 2021.

This could be led to frustration for some consumers, more so since The Mandalorian is said to be premiering on the launch date itself.

The show is the first-ever live-action Star Wars TV series which has served as a major USP of the platform, and this would also make it difficult for some people to successfully avoid any spoilers online.


As of now, there are no reports as to when the streaming platform will be launched in other countries of the world.  Regardless, it can be assumed that Disney Plus will most likely be available in Europe by 2020.

This is when the first of the many series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe premieres. Also, since the Marvel franchise has such a huge reach on a global level, it will be important for Disney to have as many views on these shows as possible.

Additionally, these shows will be intersecting with the movies of Phase 4 of MCU, so it will not make any sense to hold off TV series such as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier from fans for a long time.


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