Disney+ having yet another Marvel TV series in the works?


New Reports About A Possible Disney+ Marvel TV Series:

According to some news reports, Disney+ apparently has yet another Marvel TV Series in the works. Sources suggest that it is an 8-episode Disney+ Marvel Show for the fourth phase of the MCU. Additionally, as of now, Marvel is working on the show’s CGI. Furthermore, it seems that the working title of this Marvel TV Series is S.W.O.R.D., with Jon Favreau writing the first episode.

Details Of A New Marvel TV Series:

The same source suggests that Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders will be amongst the leading actors in the show. They will further be joined by Cameron Monaghan, Katheryn Winnick, and Nicholas Hoult. Subsequently, Clark Gregg, Paul Mendelsohn, and Sharon Blynn will be the supporting actors in the show. They will be cast alongside Chloe Bennet, Ming-Na Wen, Natalia Buckley, and Jeff Ward.

The Marvel TV Series will also have Victor Kohl, an Inhuman, as the lead protagonist. Cameron Monaghan, who is a newcomer, will most likely play the character. Moreover, Thanos’ twin sons will be the villains of the Disney+ Marvel Show. Katheryn Winnick and Nicholas Hoult will play these characters. They will be taking on the roles of Supergiant and Thane respectively.


Fan Reaction To The Supposed Disney+ Marvel Show In The Works:

Naturally, soon after getting this information, fans have been hyped up with excitement. Most of them are forming opinions of their own. While some think that this news is fake, others are of the opinion that Disney+ probably has multiple Marvel TV Series in the works.

The ones who think this news is fake do have a legitimate reason to believe so. For a show to already have its CGI in the works, it means that the series has been in production for a much longer time. Therefore, if such a series is actually in the works, we would have received at least some information about it.

Regardless, let us know what you think. Is there any new Marvel Series in production by Disney+? Or is this yet another fake news that has boggled the minds of fans like us?


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