Did Iron Man 1 Set Up Why Only Tony Stark Could Stop Thanos?


Iron Man Vs Thanos In Endgame:

Avengers: Endgame hit theatres months ago. And we are still getting many Easter eggs about the film, even now. One such clue suggests a relation to the first Iron Man movie. According to this, Iron Man 1 explains why Doctor Strange knows Tony Stark will be the one to ultimately defeat Thanos. It also explains how the Supreme Sorcerer knows about the battle of Iron Man Vs Thanos.

Iron Man 1 hit theatres in 2008. It marked the beginning of the MCU, as we popularly call it now. The film also introduces Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Additionally, we come to know of the origin of his armour and his eventual superhero identity, Iron Man, with this movie as well.

Iron Man Vs Thanos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Following the first Iron Man movie, we have seen Iron Man in nine more films in the MCU. This is excluding his cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Moreover, we have also witnessed the end of his story arc in Avengers: Endgame. In Endgame, Tony Stark sacrifices himself to save the world. He is also the one who makes the final snap, which wipes out Thanos and his army. In this ultimate Iron Man Vs Thanos battle, Stark shows his one-of-a-kind bravery.


In regards to this, we already know what happens in the previous movie, Infinity War. Doctor Strange sees all the possible outcomes to defeat Thanos. He also reveals to Tony that there is only one way in which they can win. Furthermore, this means that Strange knew that Tony has to be the one in charge of the final snap. However, there is one possible question that is bugging us. Has the reason for this been out there in the open all this time?

The Possible Answer Lies In Iron Man 1:

Recently, an eagle-eyed Marvel fan took to his Reddit account to share a possible connection between a scene in Iron Man and Tony’s sacrifice in Endgame. The fan then shares screenshots from Iron Man on his profile. In the screenshots, we can see Tony and Yinsen building the arc reactor and Mark I, the very first Iron Man suit. In the scene, Yinsen points out that the arc reactor could run his heart “for 50 lifetimes.” To this, Tony replies “or something big for 15 minutes.”

This leads us to believe that Tony was able to hold the Infinity Stones due to the arc reactor. This is because the reactor takes the stones’ energy, and allows him to snap his fingers. And thus, in the ultimate Iron Man Vs Thanos battle, the former is able to defeat the Mad Titan.

However, we know that The Hulk is the one who reverses Thanos’ snap. This is because he is the only one who is able to take the stones’ power without dying. Regardless, the stones do leave him with permanent damage. But it is because of this that many fans are curious how Tony is able to hold the stones. Additionally, how is he able to say his famous “I am Iron Man” line, and then snap his fingers without being incapacitated?


Iron-man Vs Thanos: The Reason Why The Former Wins:

Tony’s line about the arc reactor being able to run something big for 15 minutes is not exactly any clue. Here, Iron Man is NOT foreshadowing Endgame. This is especially because Stark is referring to the “Mark I” suit. This is also because the reactor is more of an energy source.

Therefore, Tony is able to do what he does is because of simple reasons. The nanotech in the gauntlet that they make and the one in his suit are the same. And so, the energy of the stones gets handed off to the suit. And this suit then protects him and keeps him alive while he holds them.

Ironman Vs Thanos: The Ultimate Win:

Tony Stark is able to do the final snap not just for narrative reasons. This is because the hero that starts it all, in the beginning, is the one who makes the ultimate sacrifice. This is also because Stark is the only one who is literally built for something like this. And what’s more? Doctor Strange knows this really well.

Final Battle of Ironman

However, it is not entirely impossible that the arc reactor plays a part in it. It does work with the suit to keep him alive. Also, it protects his heart from the power of the stones. Still, it seems rather unlikely that it is the one reason why Tony is able to wield the stones. Doctor Strange sees many possible scenarios in his visions. He also surely witnesses other heroes trying and failing to world the gauntlet and the stones. And he knows that Iron Man is the only one with the resources to make the final snap. And between Iron Man Vs Thanos, the former will surely win, even if the price to pay is too high.


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