Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kagura 12 Forms Explained!

tanjiro Kamado using the Hinokami Kagura

The Hinokami Kagura is a breathing style that only the Kamado family knows and passes down to their future generations. Each new year, the Kamado family practises the breathing pattern to perform a ritual rite.

To fight against ailments, the Breathing Style user performs a dance from sunset to morning for the Fire God. Tanjiro Kamado, the last user, got the breathing style from his father, Tanjiro Kamado. He successfully utilizes this technique in his battle against Upper Rank 5 Rui when he realized that his water breathing technique was not good enough.

Tanjiro's dad performing a fire dance using the Sun Breathing technique

He remembers how his father used to perform a physically demanding dance from evening till morning using the Sun-Breathing technique. From then on, he has perfected and modified his fighting style to use his Nichirin blade in battle against demons.


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The Hinokami Kagura technique has an amazing number of 12 forms, which can be used in innovative ways in battles against high-level demons including Muzan Kibutsuji. We will be outlining the Hinokami Kagura 12 forms in this article.

First Form, Dance (Enbu Issen)

This technique is one of the simplest and has a striking resemblance to Zenitsu’s Thunderclap and Flash Technique. The user can use this technique to deal with a high-damage vertical slash against the opponent.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles - Tanjiro vs Rui Boss Battle Gameplay (ENG  DUB) (4k 60fps) - YouTube


This technique gives the user enough strength and speed to even outspeed the likes of Upper-Rank demons like Hantengu, Nezuko, and humans with demonic powers like Genya.

Second Form, Clear Blue Sky (Heki-ra no Ten)

In this technique, the user does a 360-degree rotation by spinning their body vertically to deliver the strongest punch. This was first revealed in the Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie in his fight against Upper Rank 1 Enmu.

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Hinokami Kagura 12 Forms: Second Form, Clear Blue Sky


Third Form, Crimson Raging Sun (Retsujitsu Kōkyō)

To hit or intercept an enemy from the front or side, the user unleashes two horizontal slashes. This technique allows the user to attack an enemy without leaving themselves vulnerable to other attacks.

DEMON SLAYER Third Form, Crimson Raging Sun

Thus, this makes for a beautiful attack that can be deadly. This is one of the Hinokami Kagura 12 Forms that will leave you reeling from the sheer excitement of watching this marvelous move.

Fourth Form: Burning Bones, Summer Sun (Shakkotsu En’yō)

This is a circular slash that protects against impending frontal attacks. Under this, there is a particular technique called Sunflower Thrust, which allows the user, Tanjiro to attack and successfully murder someone with the tip of the Nichirin blade.

Hinokami Kagura 12 forms
Fourth form

Unlike the Raging Sun’s two horizontal slashes, this method enables just a circular slash that encircles the user, defending him/her from the enemy’s attacks.

Fifth Form: Setting Sun Transformation (Shayō Tenshin)

The user leaps into the air and slashes with an overturned flaming sword. This form is one of the most unusual and unique since it requires a backflip.

Hinokami Kagura 12 forms

Sixth Form, Solar Heat Haze (Hirin Kagerō)

With a simple slash that can fool people into thinking it is a miss but actually lands a hit on the target at the right time, this technique deludes the opponent.


Seventh Form, Beneficent Radiance ( Kiki Onkō)

The user spirals into the air and unleashes a tremendous slash against anyone trapped in the path. This move’s power is so great that it can totally engulf an opponent and seal their fate.

Hinokami Kagura 12 forms

Eighth Form: Sunflower Thrust (Yōkatotsu)

This technique allows the user to aim his blade at the enemy and impale him/her.

Ninth form: Dragon Sun Halo Head  (Nichiun no Ryū Kaburimai)

This is arguably the most powerful technique among the Sun Breathing techniques or the Hinokami Kagura 12 Forms. The swordsman launches a swift and devastating sword attack in the shape of a flaming sun dragon.


This has the advantage of decapitating numerous adversaries at once. It’s conceivable that this practise predates the Tenth Form of Water Breathing: Constant Flux.

Tenth Form: Fire Wheel

Before launching this circular sword move, the operator of the Fire Wheel method must rush behind enemy to corner them. It is most likely the forerunner of the Water Breathing, Second Form: Water Wheel.

Eleventh Form: Fake Rainbow (Gen’nichi Kō)

Another strike designed to fool an opponent is Fake Rainbow. In contrast to Solar Heat Haze, it is the user’s own body that is supposed to cause disorientation.

This is due to the fact that Fake Rainbow contains a lot of rapid spins and intricate footwork that leaves behind afterimages of the user. Most adversaries will be perplexed by this, since they will strive in vain to hit these afterimages.


Twelfth Form: Flame Dance (Enbu)

The Flame Dance incorporates both a forceful vertical and horizontal slash. It can be the end for most adversaries if utilised correctly.

Thirteenth Form: Dance of the Fire God ( Jū San no kata: Hinokami Kagura)

To improve the accuracy and agility of his motions while lowering tiredness, the user continuously repeats all twelve forms of the breathing method in repetitive repetition. Because when all twelve forms are repeated strategically, Muzan’s twelve critical organs (seven hearts and five brains) can be targeted.

They move freely inside his body due to his tricky shape-shifting abilities. This form was made for the goal of killing him.


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