Couple Tests Their Love by Chaining Together for 3 Months


Testing one’s love is a common thing. Some people might put their partners in hypothetical scenarios and ask questions. At the same time, some might ask their partners to prove their love. But these ways are cliche. Right? But, who does chain themselves together for 3 months to take the love test to another level?

To make a difference, a Ukrainian couple goes beyond our imaginations to prove their love. This couple tests their love by chaining themselves together for 3 months.

Ukrainian Couple Tested Their Love by Chaining Together for 3 Months


Alexander and Viktoria decided to start this test on Valentine’s Day. They are going to be handcuffed together 24×7. This means they are still handcuffed together while you are reading this article. Stupid yet amazing. Right?

Vitaly Zorin, an employee at the national register of records in Ukraine, has been assigned to monitor the couple’s experiment. The specialists checked the couple’s mental health before they started this unique love test.

Alexander and Viktoria were chained together near the Unity sculpture in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Valentine’s Day.

Ukrainian Couple Tested Their Love by Chaining Together for 3 Months

We are going for a record. There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link… is closed with the seal of the national register of records.”- said Alexander


But, this is not any normal love test. After a while, when they got chained together, they had to use the toilet on their way back home. They had to choose between using the men’s room and the women’s room. They used the women’s toilet in the end, but they certainly left the cleaner in shock.

Ukrainian Couple Tested Their Love by Chaining Together for 3 Months

The couple also shared their custom-made clothes, which can fit them while being chained together. Those clothes are chained from top to bottom so that it’s convenient for them to dress and undress easily.

The couple is determined to stay chained together for 3 months. In case they want to be separated, they will require specialists from the emergency services to separate them.

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We wish the couple to stay in love together even after these 3 months.

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