Marvel Has Apparently Found A Way To Bring Venom Into The MCU


Comic Book Venom To Make An Entry Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Marvel has effectively changed all that we thought we knew about the Comic Book Venom symbiote. And it has successfully done so all within a matter of 18 months.

In addition to the Venom symbiote, we can also see changes in the parasitic alien race of Klyntar.

All of this began with the revelation that the history of the symbiotes with Earth is way deeper than we believe.

As a matter of fact, it stretches all the way back to the birth of the universe itself. Moreover, we also found out that the aliens have their own god and creator, known as Knull.


The Aftermath Of The Revelation:

Ever since we have come to find out many more layers of the mythology of the symbiotes. This includes the codices which they leave behind in their hosts. Additionally, we also found out about the real purpose of their home planet.

But, as we know, it hasn’t stopped there. Venom #20, which released quite recently, keeps the surprises coming with startling revelations about this race.

The comic reveals that the symbiotes have a precognitive ability to sense oncoming danger. Furthermore, this ability also sparks their reproduction.


The Main Reveal By Venom #20:

However, just these facts aren’t everything that the issue reveals. Rather, it brings the Ultimate Universe version of Venom In MCU. Additionally, the issue also reveals one of its main purposes.

According to this, the main purpose can be used to bring the Comic Book Venom symbiote into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Venom #20, the Maker delivers some sort of a status report to the Council of Reeds, who are his benefactors.


During his explanation, we find out that in order for his experiments to open a dimensional rift to his original reality, the Ultimate Universe yielded an unforeseen yet fortunate result for him.

Additionally, he also found out that such attempts can take a dangerous toll on a human traveler’s mind as well as his body.

However, he hasn’t been able to go back home yet. Regardless, there is something which actually came through, and it was the unscathed synthetic version of the Comic Book Venom symbiote.


This is an artificial, symbiotic suit which Richard Parker, Peter Parker’s father, and Edward Brock Sr. had created.

The Maker then concludes that one of the purposes of the symbiotes, regardless of whether they are alien or synthetic, is to give its wearer the ability to travel safely between universes.

The Perfect Route To Introduce Comic Book Venom Into The MCU?

This is where lies the perfect way to introduce Venom In MCU.

As most fans know, the cinematic rights to Spidey and his side of associated characters of the MCU are currently divided between Disney and Sony.


While Venom was a very big success, the film didn’t take place in the MCU. Rather, it was in Sony’s own shared Spider-Verse.

And it is because of this that Comic Book Venom couldn’t crossover with the Avengers. However, due to a new deal between the studios, they now have shared custody of Spider-Man.

Subsequently, this will allow Peter Parker to enter the MCU and perhaps increase connections between the two universes.


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In saying so, the latest Comic Book Venom issue might have given us the perfect way to bring Sony’s Venom into the Marvel Universe.

If the symbiotes enable their wearers the ability to safely travel from one universe to the other, then Hardy’s Eddie Brock could potentially travel from his own reality to that of the MCU.



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