Exclusive Footage Of Black Widow Gives Us Details Of The Future Of MCU


The CCXP 19 Panel Of Black Widow:

The Black Widow CCXP 19 Panel was full of surprises, for fans as well as for the production of the team. The convention unveiled new exclusive footage as well as a poster from Black Widow, thereby offering a closer look at the film. This footage gave birth to some new plot details of the film as well.

About The Black Widow Solo Movie:

Ever since she made her debut in Iron Man 2, fans have been waiting for a solo movie featuring Natasha Romanoff. And now, with Endgame marking the end of Phase 3 of MCU, and with Phase 4 on the horizon, we are finally getting what we wanted.

The filming for Black Widow began in February 2019. Furthermore, the film is a prequel to the events of Endgame, set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, the film will star Johansson as the titular super-spy. Newcomers Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour will join her as Yelena Belova, Melina, and Red Guardian respectively.


The Details Of The Exclusive Footage From Black Widow CCXP 19 Convention:


Marvel chief Kevin Feige took to stage at the Black Widow CCXP 19 Panel to share exclusive footage from the film. Although no one was allowed to record the Black Widow Footage, we have some major details from it.

One detail suggests that Captain America and the Red Guardian have already met. In the footage, we see a helicopter crash scene. In it, Black Widow, Red Guardian, and Yelena are there. Furthermore, the Alexei asks them about “Him” (Captain America). He further asks them if he ever told war stories about them. Additionally, Red Guardian mentions that he is Cap’s “geopolitical adversary.” All of this states that the two have already met sometime in the Marvel Universe.

We also find details of the Red Guardian suit from the footage. There is a cut before the trailer, where there is a table scene. The scene shows Melina Vostokoff saying that Red Guardian’s suit “has an incredible smell.” She also goes on to say that she never washed it. This apparently suggests that she was the one who had kept the suit.


The Black Widow CCXP 19 Panel also gives us a glimpse of the Spy family. According to the footage, Red Guardian and Melina were (fake) married. This suggests that they did so probably for a mission. Furthermore, from the scene, we can see them both play parental characters.

Melina also says that they can’t really use the “family” word. This is because they are a fake family, rather than a real one. She also mentions that Yelena had grown up to be a beautiful woman, regardless of the big nose she used to have as a child.

Other Details From The Black Widow CCXP 19 Convention:

We also have details about other things from the Black Widow CCXP 19 Convention. When speaking of the question that Alexei asks Natasha, she replies by saying that his first question after 20 years of not seeing each other is about himself. In a different cut, he also tells her that he recently left prison and is full of energy now.

We also get to see glimpses of Taskmaster, who is fighting Natasha. He wears a mask as well as a hood. Furthermore, Feige also says that the film will reveal a secret for the future of the MCU. And that secret will explain what happened in Budapest.


In conclusion, we might possibly get answers to many of our questions from the movie. Additionally, we could also get more insight into Romanoff’s dark and troubled past. All we have to do is wait for Black Widow to hit theatres next year.

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