Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 99 Release Date and Speculations

Bungo Stray Dogs

Finally, after an eternity, Kafka decides to grace us with the stoic vampire-ish appearance of Chuuya. In fact, we see him siding with Fyodor against Dazai and Sigma in what looks like a 2v2 battle. On the other side, Aya is in a tight spot with Bram on her side but help arrives eventually. Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 99 is shaping up to be yet another amazing chapter.

So, when will the new chapter drop and what you can expect from it? Here are all the details you need to know about it.

About Bungou Stray Dogs:

Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa began publishing Bungou Stray Dogs in Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen magazine Young Ace in 2012. Moreover, Kadokawa has compiled the series into twenty-one tankōbon volumes as of August 2021.

The story follows Atsushi who is a weretiger and later joins the Armed Detective Agency where people with special abilities help keep peace in the area. The agency faces peril from time to time and must rise up against all odds.


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A Brief Recap of Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 98:

The chapter begins with Aya running with Bram to escape all the vampires that are surrounding them. However, one of them land a direct hit on Aya which also causes some pain to Bram. But help arrives in the form of Kenji at the very last moment, all thanks to Ranpo.

kenji bungou stray dogs

On the other hand, we have Dazai dancing with Sigma in his deathmatch. Seeing how carefree he is in a life or death game, Sigma gets furious at how nonchalant Dazai actually is. To him, it only emboldens him to find out Fyodor’s abilities to escape this hell and build his home. 


Cut to the next panel and we see the deal Sigma and Gogol made back when the casino was destroyed. But hey, it looks like that he doesn’t have enough time to reminiscence about the past as the commotion on the upper floor interrupts him. And as seen on the next page, all the guards are dead and a high-ranking officer is congratulating the intruder.

dazai and sigma bungou stray dogs

As it turns out, Chuuya, now serving under Fyodor, was the intruder. Before the guards arrest Fyodor who was sitting on a bench, Chuuya kills them. Eventually, Dazai and Sigma arrive on the site and it seems like their deathmatch is about to begin.

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

From the looks of it, Sigma can have a hard time dealing with what’s in front of him – Fyodor and Chuuya. However, he has Dazai by his side who can nullify any ability by merely touching the person. But we still don’t know how Fyodor’s ability works so that can pose a big problem to both of them.


dazai and sigma vs chuuya and fyodor bungou stray dogs

On the other hand, Ranpo sent Kenji to help Aya who was in dire need of help. Most likely, we will also get to see how they try to escape from the airport. In all, Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 99 is going to be a lot more exciting and intriguing.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 99 Release Date:

Every new chapter of the manga releases in the first week of every month. So, one can expect Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 99 to drop in the first week of January itself. Usually, the new chapter is out by the 4th of every month so expect the same this time too.


Where To Read It?

Although Bungou Stray Dogs has a paperback release, there’s no digital release for every new chapter. Still, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Bungo Stray Dogs website.


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