Blue Lock Chapter 144 Release Date and Spoilers: Will Blue Lock Win?

Blue Lock Chapter 169

Blue Lock Chapter 143 made fans sit uneasily on their mobiles as the fate of the two teams still stands in stark uncertainty. Since the match between the two teams is closely intertwined with the sibling rivalry of Sae and Rin, the match outcome will have an explosive impact on both of them.

However, unlike the previous situation, we can see that Blue Lock has a pretty good chance of winning the match. Fans are delighted to see the possibility of a more desirable outcome becoming higher. 

The manga Blue Lock has managed to garner a tremendous fan following owing to the realistic and engaging portrayal of football matches. If you wish to know more about Blue Lock Chapter 144, please scroll down further!

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Blue Lock Chapter 144 Release Date

The upcoming Blue Lock chapter, titled “Libido”, will be released on September 1, 2021. Fortunately, no delays have been announced and it’ll be released as per the schedule.

Blue Lock Chapter 144

Blue Lock Chapter 143 Recap

In the previous chapter, many players have made the match so much more interesting. But we haven’t got a clear idea of what will happen. The match outcome decides whether Blue Lock disbands or Japan U-20 disbands and Blue Lock takes over.

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the previous chapter:

  • Isagi has clearly improved his skills on reading the match, so much so that he’s become better than Rin.
  • This improvement in Isagi is proven by the fact that he accurately calculated where Sae would strike as well as Rin’s and Ryusei’s positions.
  • Isagi doesn’t waste any moment and rushes to score a goal.
  • However, Rin’s ego takes precedence over the team as he decides to snatch a goal. He seems pretty adamant to snatch a goal at any cost to show his prowess in front of Sae and this might have dire implications on the match outcome. This kind of selfishness is never ever good for a team.

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Blue Lock Chapter 144 Spoilers

  • The entire Blue Lock team has to focus their energy on shattering the defense of their opponent team.
  • For Blue Lock to win, they have to score a goal at the end for a decisive victory. 
  • At this point, the match is in a draw and there’s a strong chance that it’ll stay this way. The U-20 defense seems pretty solid.
  • If the match does end in a tie, the Blue Lock project might hopefully not be disbanded and our heroes continue excelling. We can expect Blue Lock to get new members and the dynamic will change for the better or worse.
  • We might get to see Japan U-20 members like Sae and Aiku join Blue Lock in a surprising turn of events.

Where To Read Blue Lock

You can catch the latest chapters from Kodansha.


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