Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter (That Even You Can Defeat)

Bambietta and As Nodt With Bankai-Stealing Medallions

In Bleach’s Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Yhwach and his Sternritters are the main villains. Moreover, Ichigo and Soul Society try to defeat them in order to keep themselves safe. However, there are some weakest Sternritter who can be defeated by anyone.

Here is the list of the top seven weakest Sternritter.

Berenice Gabrielli

Berenice Gabrielli Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter

Gabrielli possesses one of the most useless abilities. She has to ask her opponent a question to activate her power. Moreover, if the person is against her answer to the question then they will suffer from self-doubt.


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Cang Du

BG9 and Cang Du Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter

Although he had a somewhat useful ability i.e to harden his skin, Cang Du mainly relied on using the stolen Daiguren Hyorinmaru in a battle. In addition, he was eventually executed for failing his mission at Silbern. Though he tried to escape being murdered by Jugram with his hard skin, he was easily outsmarted.

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Giselle Gewelle

giselle gewelle Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter

Honestly, she is an average Sternritter despite having a great power of reserve psychology. Moreover, she mostly has a happy or goofy expression on her face. Her power, The Zombie was easily overpowered by that of Mayura Kurotsuchi who developed a drug to take back control of her zombies.

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Bleach - BG9 Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter


This genderless Sternritter has one of the most unusual personalities and supposedly has a robotic body and mind. While he certainly has the power to be among the high-ranking Sternritters, BG9 chooses to threaten people rather than physically fight them. He was heavily injured by Soi Fon’s Bankai, Jakoho Raikoben after she took back control of her stolen Bankai and later killed by Jugram.

Lilotto Lamperd

Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter Liltotto Lamperd.

She is the youngest and is one of the members of the Femritters bunch. Additionally, she has one of the least impressive abilities among her group. Lamperd can expand her mouth to eat things which certainly does not help much during a battle.

Candice Catnipp

Candice Catnipp Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter


She is short-tempered and does not like to ruin her appearance during a battle. In addition, she has a volatile personality and lacks judgment which results in her making foolhardy decisions while fighting stronger enemies.

PePe Waccabrada

Pepe Waccabrada Bleach: 7 Weakest Sternritter

He has faith in the power of love and believes it is the reason behind all the conflicts. Moreover, he can launch a heart-shaped projectile at his opponent which makes them fall in love with PePe. He was killed and eaten alive by Liltotto. His ability however, has a major weakness because it doesn’t work on Zombies since they don’t have hearts.


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