Do We See Deadpool In The Post-Credits Scene Of Black Widow?


The Much-Hyped Black Widow’s Post-Credits Scene:

A few weeks ago, someone had claimed that the Black Widow’s Post-Credits Scene would have a cameo by Deadpool. However, celebrity journalist Daniel Richtman recently took to his Twitter to confirm that no such thing would be happening. Therefore, there will be no Deadpool cameo in the post-credits of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

Theories Behind The No Deadpool Cameo In Post-credit scene

Soon after the confirmation by Richtman, fans started thinking of reasons and theories behind this fact. One of the major reasons why a Deadpool cameo in Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow isn’t possible is because it simply doesn’t make sense. This is especially because Deadpool and Natasha Romanoff have never really interacted. And this is true for both the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as Marvel Comics.


One fan, however, speaks of the only scenario where Deadpool could appear in Black Widow’s Post-Credits Scene. According to the fan, it is possible only if Taskmaster is also in the scene with Deadpool. We all know that Deadpool director Tim Miller wanted to use Taskmaster when he was working on Deadpool. However, he couldn’t make use of the character. Therefore, including him with Deadpool in a post-credits scene would make more sense.



Other Possibilities In the post-credits:

Additionally, there are some fans who think the Post-Credits Scene could have other possibilities in-store. According to them, the scene could probably be setting up the Dark Avengers or even the Thunderbolts. It does make sense in a way, especially since the film has Yelena, Thaddeus as well as Taskmaster in it.

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