Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Black Widow’s Special Moves


The Reveal of the Black Widow Super Powers:

A new video game for Marvel fans will soon hit the market. Titled Marvel’s Avengers, every playable character in the game has special moves. Furthermore, these moves are called Heroics.

Also, the makers have used a compilation of character appearances to create these moves. They have used the appearances in other media as a base.

There are also inclusions of certain plot twists. The developer and publisher of the game have been revealing these moves for the characters.

And now, it seems like they have revealed the Black Widow Super Powers.





Heroics in Marvel’s Avengers:

These Heroics are of three types, namely Assault, Support and Ultimate. And it remains the same for all characters.

Natalia Alianovna is better known as Natasha Romanoff or The Black Widow. And the makers have used the same Heroics for her as well.

Natalia Alianovna’s Heroics:

According to reports, Black Widow Super Powers will also include Assault, Support and Ultimate.


As of now, we only know about the Assault and Support Heroics. Moreover, these Heroics also make sense for Natalia Alianovna’s character.

In the case of Assault, Black Widow’s Bite will hit her enemies with an electrical blast. Support, on the other hand, will offer her friendly units invisibility. However, we are yet to know about the Ultimate Heroic.

The Black Widow Powers And Heroics:

Additionally, all of Black Widow Super Powers have inspiration from her present as well as past.


They have also drawn inspiration from multiple instances of her fights with her enemies. Additionally, her Assault Heroic ability is known as the Widow’s Bite. It will act as leverage to her gauntlets.

These gauntlets will then quickly blast a sphere of electrical energy at her target.

Marvel’s Avengers will have Square Enix as publisher and Crystal Dynamics as the Developer.

Subsequently, it will release on multiple platforms. These include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. The possible release date as of now is May 15, 2020.


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