Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scans Revealed!

Black Clover Chapter 335

The recently released raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 324 revealed new plot developments in the fight between Lucifero and the combined attacks of Nacht and Yami. Here’s what you would want to know about the upcoming chapter of the Black Clover manga.

About The Manga

Asta, a young child born without any magical abilities, is the protagonist of the novel. Asta intends to become the next Wizard King with the help of his fellow Black Bulls wizards. The manga had over 17 million copies in circulation as of January 2022.

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Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scans

In Black Clover chapter 324, Zora counters Lucifero’s attack by launching an attack. Nacht and Yami appeared in front of Lucifero before he could strike their teammates. Yami’s body is bursting at the seams with mana, but he has no idea how.


Black Clover Chapter 324 raw scans

Because Slotos is unavailable due to Lucifero’s recent attack, Nacht must rely on Grimodelo and Plumede. To fight Lucifero, Yami uses “Dark Magic: Deep Black Blade” while Nacht uses “Devil Union: Canis X Felis” as they enter Mana Zone. Dark and Shadow magic complement each other, allowing the Black Bulls’ captain and vice-captain to unite their magic.

“Shadow Magic X Dark Magic: Kid’s Playground” is released. This combined strike harms Lucifero, leaving him with a little scar, which Adrammelech was shocked by. The sequence of events irritates Lucifero, who appears to be wary of grimoires in general.

He shifts into a more tranquil yet menacing state, declaring his intention to destroy everything. Yami and Nacht are preparing for the last battle. In the final panel of Black Clover Chapter 324, Asta and Yuno are shown standing side by side, ready to fight at Yami’s direction.


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Black Clover Chapter 324

Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date

Chapter 324 is expected to be released by the 20th of February 2022. The next chapter after Chapter 324 will be released after every 7 days. You can read the three latest chapters of Black Clover on Viz Media and MangaPlus.



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