Who Can Be Villain Like DC’s Joker In Marvel Universe


The Best Joker Comics And Stories Of All Time:

Joker is quite possibly one of the most iconic and legendary villains of all time. This is especially because not every villain gets their own movie, let alone one that is a blockbuster. He is also Batman’s most famous villain. The Joker has been haunting Gotham City in addition to DC’s Universe ever since his debut in 1940. But, let us not follow some of the Best Joker Comics for once. Let us say that the Clown, Prince of Crime, is suddenly in the world of Marvel superheroes. Who would, then, make his best nemesis?

How Is Joker Batman’s Greatest Enemy, According To Joker Comics?

There is no other villain that pushes Batman’s buttons and provokes him like the Joker. In some of the Best Joker Comics, wherein we can see versions of his origin story, we may find an answer to this. Some stories suggest that Batman literally pushes a hitman into a van of acid to create The Joker. And understandably so, it is quite poetic, to say the least.

Joaquin Phoenix 'Joker'
Joaquin Phoenix ‘Joker’

In other Joker Comics and stories, it is The Joker who creates Batman. Both are tied together in an endless battle of good versus evil. So, what really makes The Joker Batman’s greatest enemy?

According to mythology, Batman wishes to bring justice and order to a chaotic world. The Joker, on the other hand, simply wants to bring the whole system down. And their battle will most likely never end. This is evident in Joker’s dialogue, “You won’t kill me because of some rule. And I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun.”


The Joker does not win by murdering Batman. He wins by pushing Batman over the edge. And he does so typically by his pranks, his horrifying humor, and his games.

Except for The Best Joker Comics, Who Can Be The Perfect Marvel Match For Joker?

There are many superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who can be a good match for DC’s Joker. Moon Knight is one such superhero. He is dark and brooding and has striking similarities to Batman. However, he is also a little too crazy and has a penchant for pain. In other words, he is way too similar to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Then there is Daredevil. He spends his time protecting Hell’s Kitchen and the family he has made there. Moreover, Daredevil fans know that he will more likely beat Joker bloody than play his games. And this is assuming if Joker ever hurts his loved ones.

Things will be very similar if Joker finds himself at the end of Punisher’s rifle. He might also have a lot of fun provoking Bruce Banner and forcing him to turn into the Hulk. But Banner has no interest in being an everyday superhero. Therefore, which of the superheroes in the MCU would be the best fit for Joker?


Spider-Man As The Joker’s Foe Might Make Up For Good Comics:

Spider-Man has a long history of things ranging from silly to serious quite fast. And this is similar in The Joker’s case as well. There are many comical scenes where Spidey saves the day with his simple web-slinging. However, at the back of it, there is always a sinister plot of people plotting to destroy the city or kill civilians. The Joker is the perfect villain in such a case. Be it bloody mayhem or stories that are light on stakes but heavy on mystery, The Joker is perfect for each.

And Spider-Man isn’t a detective like the Caped Crusader. However, he would be more than curious to understand this identity that DC’s dastardly villain has. This is especially because Spidey is, after all, a freelancer for The Daily Bugle.

Spidey Vs The Joker:

The Joker has his home in Gotham, instead of New York City. Regardless, there is little doubt that sweet, innocent Peter Parker is more than a match for this DC villain, especially in a fight. But fights are never the things that make this murderous Clown so dangerous. It is psychological damage that he wants to do.

And Marvel fans have had to endure many terrifying, nightmarish Spider-Man stories. But, when The Joker is in question, there are no rules, no restrictions, and no boundaries. This is a rivalry that will most likely leave Spider-Man in mourning, if not more.


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