War Machine Might Need To Rethink His Endgame Idea Due To Baby Thanos Art


The Recent Baby Thanos Fan Art:

If the newly released baby Thanos Fan Art is anything to go by, War Machine might not have been able to go ahead with his Endgame idea. Directed by the Russo brothers, Endgame was the culmination of 11 years and 22 films. In addition to positive reviews, the film was also a hit right from the moment of its release. Subsequently, it went on to become the highest-grossing film of all time.

Furthermore, the entire Infinity Saga is not available for home viewing on Disney Plus as well as Blu-ray. This is in addition to a whole range of Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scenes.


War Machine’s Idea In Endgame:

Time travel ultimately became a viable option in Endgame. And when it did, War Machine thought about why the Avengers couldn’t go back in time to find the baby, Thanos. While he didn’t outright say that they should kill the infant, he did say something similar. His “choking with a rope” hand gesture was clear enough to suggest the idea of killing the baby.

Fortunately, Smart Hulk deemed it a horrible idea. Furthermore, he also said that it would be impossible, even when taking the time travel rules into consideration.

Why Was The Idea Impossible?

Even if Rhodes had pursued the idea, considering it was possible, it would have been more difficult than he anticipated. This is especially because of the latest baby Thanos Fan Art by Ian Joyner. The artwork retains the distinctive chin and purple skin of Thanos.

But it also reduces the Mad Titan to a happy, bright-eyed baby. This Thanos Fan Art also shows a baby who is content to even look up at an infinity stone-inspired mobile.



The Baby Thanos Fan Art:

Baby fan arts are really in rage right now. In terms of Thanos, we understand why War Machine wanted to kill his younger version. However, the baby Thanos Fan Art proves that things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will never go down such a dark route. A baby as cute as Thanos is enough to stop War Machine from doing something so cruel.


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