Avengers: Endgame Fan Discovers Major Call-back to First Iron Man Movie


New Iron Man Endgame Theory Ahead:

Avengers: Endgame still remains one of the best MCU movies ever. So much so that fans are still looking for any additional Easter eggs, even almost six months later. And one such Marvel fan has become successful in doing so. The fan, whose username is u/WolverineKuzuri93 on Reddit, recently took to his profile to post something. Noticing a massive call back to Iron Man, the fan is now famous for his Iron Man Endgame Spoilers.

Or something REALLY big for 15 seconds. It just dawned on me how Tony was able to not only wield the stones but also do so without immediately being incapacitated like the Hulk was. His Arc reactor took the bulk of the energy. from marvelstudios

The fan has a meme showing Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen. The two are making the firstever version of Tony’s arc reactor. Naturally, the meme is now extremely popular and has become viral all around the world.


The Meme, According To The Iron Man Endgame:

The meme further includes an exchange between Yinsen and Tony. The former reminds Stark that the reactor can power his heart for 50 lifetimes. Then, Stark responds by countering the fact. He says that it could power something bigger for 15 minutes.

Following this, the meme goes on to continue like a punch in the gut. It shows Stark’s fatal “I am Iron Man” moment at the end of Endgame. This also suggests the fact that it is Stark’s arc reactor which eventually allowed him to wield all the six Infinity Stones.


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