Marvel’s New IRON MAN is Tony Stark’s Lost Brother [Comics]


Arno Stark, The Iron Man of 2020:

There is a high possibility that hardcore Marvel fans, especially those of Iron Man, don’t know one thing. This would be the knowledge of Tony Stark’s long-lost brother. There is greater chance that they don’t know about the future version of Marvel’s Universe.

In this universe, this long-lost brother, namely Arno Stark, becomes the Iron Man 2020. But all of this will soon change. This is because Arno Stark will officially claim the above role.

The Tony Stark Brother:

Marvel Comics has been teasing Tony Stark’s death quite openly for some time. And it seems that they made it official during their “Next Big Thing” panel at New York Comic Con. Fans first hear of Arno Stark, the Iron Man 2020, in 1984’s Machine Man #2. So, with the year knocking at our doors in the real world, Marvel is finally taking action. It will launch the Iron Man 2020 event across its universe.


According to reports, they have plans to make a lot of tie-ins. And these will be monumental effects for the universe for many years to come. But the question is whether Arno Stark will honour his late brother’s legacy. Another major question is whether this would mean that Tony Stark is actually dead.

The Iron Man 2020:

The story of Dan Slott and Christos Gage is building slowly. It is preparing to deliver on the Machine Man setup, in addition to making playful references to 2020. It is also trying to refer to the story that Marvel history says will come with the year. So, Tony has now accepted that his true self may be long dead. Furthermore, his body is tragically fused with his armour. Subsequently, this puts many pieces of the confusion to place.

This comes especially after the information that Tony creates the designs for the signature Iron Man 2020 armour. Moreover, we also know that Arno has been taking note of this fact. With this in mind, executive editor Tom Brevoort put aside the hints to confirm the future twist. He will also put Tony Stark Brother into his armour as soon as 2020 arrives. In a comment, Brevoort says.



“Like the inexorable turning of pages on a calendar, we’ve been building up to the arrival of 2020 and the advent of Arno Stark as Iron Man ever since this latest run began. Here, all of the larger themes we’ve been playing with will come to the fore in a big, sweeping, epic action movie that anyone can enjoy!”

The Upcoming Series Of Arno Stark:

The upcoming series is essentially a 6-issue series which will continue from its former counterparts. It will explore the differences between flesh and tech, as well as between humans and artificial intelligence. Subsequently, it will also call on the other robotic Marvel characters. This will include Vision, Jocasta and Elsie-Dee.

Dan Slott and Christos Gage will write the series, with Pete Woods doing the art and cover. Iron Man 2020 #1 will be available at local comic book stores from January 2020.


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