Ant-Man’s Brutal Tactic in Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Goes Viral


The Brutal Ant-Man MCU Moment:

With the Infinity Saga now available online and on DVD, Marvel fans are at work once again. They are combing through its entirety to come up with new insights and Easter eggs. Moreover, some fans have also found something to talk about.

Avengers: Endgame is famous for bringing together the biggest Marvel hero collection ever seen in live-action.

Additionally, the film is a feast for our eyes. One of the major reasons for this is the fight sequence between the MCU heroes and Thanos’ army. And it is only now that we have realized how brutal that battle actually was. And it also contains a really brutal Ant-Man MCU moment.


The Significant Ant-Man in MCU:

In the scene, Scott Lang turns into Giant-Man to save his team and fight the enemies. But in doing so, he forgets to check every step he has taken on the battlefield. Due to this, some of Thanos’ outriders get crushed under his feet.


During the final battle in Endgame, you can see bodies flying after Ant-Man steps on them. from marvelstudios


This is a pretty brutal depiction of the powers that Ant-Man possesses. Additionally, unlike the whole Ant-Man Infinity War superhero battle, this is a full-blown war.

This is a war to protect all humanity in the universe. And it is because of this that every single MCU hero fights nastier and to-the-death. We can also see all the heroes fighting to work out their grievances on the battlefield.

The Comments About This Antman scene:

According to fans, this change in battle tactics does make sense, at least objectively. But they are also criticizing the Ant-Man MCU sequence. Some of them believe that Spider-Man should not have activated his suit’s “Instant Kill Mode” in the scene.


Yet, there are others who think that the Marvel heroes did what they had to. And they fought to save the universe from the Mad Titan.


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