Amazon Echo users can soon replace Alexa with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice


You Will Now Be Able To Change Alexa Voice:

Recent reports suggest that users of Amazon Echo will soon be able to Change Alexa Voice. The actor who will give his voice to the technology is none other than Samuel L. Jackson.

The actor will also be the first celebrity to do something like. And all this has become possible due to the neural text-to-speech technology that Alexa will use.

Along with his voice, Jackson will also tell you jokes, and let you know if it’s raining. You can also tell him to set timers and alarms.


Moreover, users can also instruct his voice to play music and do so much more. And all of this will have a bit of the actor’s own personality merged into the technology.

Change Alexa Voice In Your Alexa Echo:

Amazon revealed many details about the feature at a major product reveal in Seattle. According to Amazon, the voice will cost around 99 cents. Users would be able to choose between two versions of the voice.

These versions would be explicit as well as non-explicit. In fact, there will be other celebrities lending their voices to Amazon’s Alexa devices. Using their voices, users would be able to Change Alexa Voice, from that of Samuel L. Jackson to someone else as well.


The “Change Alexa Voice” feature will soon be available as a 99-cent upgrade. As of now, only Samuel L. Jackson will be giving his voice to the device. Subsequently, other celebrities will follow suit next year onwards.

Amazon’s Efforts For Alexa Echo:

The company has been making many efforts for the device recently. It has also affiliated itself with many A-listers where its marketing is concerned.

Some of these include its Super Bowl ads, wherein many Hollywood headliners have been featured. These include Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and even Cardi B.


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