All The Major Details You May Have Missed In The First Movie Trailer Of Black Widow


The First Black Widow Trailer And Its Release:  

Marvel Studios has now released the first Black Widow Trailer. Along with Scarlett Johansson’s return as Natasha Romanoff, we also see an entire group of Russian friends she has supposedly known in her former life.

Moreover, the first Black Widow Movie Trailer is also quite action-packed. Read on below to get a break down of all the smaller details you may have missed while watching the trailer.

The Black Widow Trailer Might Finally Tell Us What Happened In Budapest:

The opening shot of the Black Widow Movie Trailer shows the Liberty Statue of Budapest. It is important because Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton have been discussing some event which happened here ever since the 2012 Avengers movie.

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Most recently, we got a reference to Budapest during their final trip to Vormir in Endgame. So, the Black Widow movie could probably tell us what exactly went down there.


The Train Station In The Trailer Is The Keleti Station, Also In Budapest:

We also see Keleti Station in the trailer. One of the biggest hints that it is in Budapest, is the presence of the little flags for Hungary that line the walls here.

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The Black Widow Trailer Also Has An Appearance By A Young General Ross:

A staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we also see an appearance by Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the trailer. He has been in the MCU ever since The Incredible Hulk.

From the trailer, we can expect to see him as a part of the Budapest story narrative. Moreover, we can see some Hungarian writing on the cargo ship behind him in the trailer.

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The Black Widow Trailer Also References Some Shots From Avengers: Age Of Ultron:

For those asking, it wasn’t a déjà vu. These flashback scenes have already been shown before, with Black Widow revisiting her childhood. The ballerina scenes from the trailer have been part of a vision which the Scarlet Witch made Black Widow see.


This was during the Age of Ultron from her past. However, there is a major difference between the two versions of the scene. The ones in the Black Widow Movie Trailer are softer as compared to those in the Age of Ultron.

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The Movie Most Likely Takes Place Before Avengers: Infinity War:

The ever-changing hairstyles of Black Widow have helped us to make sense of the MCU timelines. In the Black Widow Trailer, it appears that we will revisit her past in Budapest. However, we see her with longer, braided red hair throughout the trailer’s majority.

We know that she embraced this look later on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is because, in the Iron Man movies as well as the first Avengers, her hair was bright red. This was until Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War.

Therefore, it is very likely that the main timeline of the Black Widow takes place between the Civil War and the Infinity War. In fact, it probably begins not too long after the end of the Civil War.



This is also because there is a long period of time missing between the two movies. This is the time when Black Widow, Captain America, and others were on the run from Ross and the government.

At the end of the Civil War, Ross found out that Black Widow helped Cap escape from the government. At the start of the Infinity War, we see Black Widow being forced to change her hair color and length while she is on the run.

The White Suit Is A Hint To A Look Natasha Wore In A 2010 Comic:

We also see the white suit from the Disney D23 Expo in the Black Widow Trailer. The Expo displayed the suit, in addition to showing us a sneak peek of it in person.


Black Widow Refers To Yelena As Her Sister In The Black Widow Movie Trailer:

In the trailer, we see Black Widow referring to this character called Yelena as her sister. Played by Florence Pugh, she is not Natasha’s actual sister.

Instead, it is a term that the Black Widow trainees use to refer to themselves while they train together in the Red Room. This room is also shown in the trailer. Moreover, the trainees consider themselves each other’s family.

The Vest Yelena Is Wearing Is The One That Natasha Eventually Wears In Infinity War:

Most fans are of the opinion that there is a huge similarity in the vest the Yelena is wearing. Most are of the opinion that this is the same vest that Natasha Romanoff eventually wears in Infinity War. Even though the color in the trailer is a little off, the two vests sure do look very similar.


The Villain In The Trailer Is Not Hawkeye, But Taskmaster:

The Black Widow Trailer also shows us the long-rumored villain called the Taskmaster. In the comics, the character injects himself with a serum. This gives him abilities similar to those that other Marvel heroes and villains have.

Like the Black Knight, he is good with a sword. Moreover, he also excels in martial arts like Shang-Chi and can shoot a bow and arrow like Hawkeye, among others.

Who Is David Harbour’s Character In The Movie?

Also called Russia’s Captain America, the Red Guardian also has a star-like Cap. David Harbour of Stranger Things fame is also in the film. This is evident from the Black Widow Trailer. And he plays the Red Guardian.


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