86 Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers

86 season 2

With Shin inclining more and more towards the madness that war provides, 86 Season 2 Episode 9 is going to be a spectacle to watch. In addition to that, we will most probably also get to witness the most awaited battle between Shin and Kiriya. The anime series has been shaping up to be a pretty marvelous show. Not to mention, it is able to garner a lot of viewers on a weekly basis. 

And with those many fans come the massive amount of hype and excitement too. The fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to air. And so, here are all the release details you need to know for Episode 9.

86 Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date:

86 Season 2 Episode 9 is now all set to release on December 19, 2021. Moreover, the anime has been skipping its weekly schedule because of the special episodes. But this time, there won’t be any and we will directly get to see the next episode.

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A Recap of 86 Season 2 Episode 8:

The opening sequence features Nachzehrer arriving close to the damaged Morpho. In the next scene, we see Nordlicht dropping off the ship after an anti-air attack by the Legions. 

kiriya 86 season 2 episode 9

After dropping, Nordlicht pushes forward to fight the Legions in order to confront the damaged Morpho. Turns out, it was a bait to close the gap between them and a second functioning Morpho. 

Shin realizes it before it’s too late and orders everyone to retreat. Because of his quick thinking, Nordlicht is able to live another day. To make the matter worse, it is revealed that Kiriya is commanding the second Morpho that was responsible for almost obliterating them.


Afterward, Shin decides to have a head-on battle with Kiriya but a surprise attack by Legion reinforcements catches him off guard. However, he still decides to follow Kiriya along with his friends and leave the battle to the remaining Nordlicht members.

fredericia 86 season 2

Meanwhile, the main Federacy force decided to move forward and reach Grether’s location. They get Grethe and the Nordlicht survivors back but cannot assist Shin with any support. 

Fredericia decides to travel with Shin and co. even though they are quite angry with her. To that, Shin egress after realizing that he cannot just leave her behind. Now with Fredericia by their side, Shin vows to take his enemies down.


What Can Happen In The Next Episode?

The title of 86 Season 2 Episode 9 is ‘Together Unto Death’. Now, it does subtly hint towards a fierce battle that’s going to commence between two factions. Additionally, the show did tease the fight between Shin and Kiriya in the previous episode.

kiriya 86 season 2

So, if all things go well, we might just witness one of the most breathtaking battles to this date. 

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Where Can You Watch 86 Season 2?

You can watch the latest episodes of 86 Season 2 on Crunchyroll (subscribers only)


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