10 Worst Things Iron Man Did In The Comics


Some Of The Worst Things Iron Man Has Done In The Marvel Comics:



In Marvel Comics, we come across some of the Worst Things Iron Man has done. Before beginning to carry his suspicious suitcase with him, Tony Stark was arrogant, if not more. He is a billionaire womanizer, who makes his fortune off of selling dangerous and powerful weapons. Moreover, he has done a lot of horrible things, even after donning the Iron Man suit. And these things have affected the people around him as well.

The following list has some of the Worst Things Iron Man has ever done, to himself and others.

10) One Of The Worst Things Iron Man Has Done Is Lie About His Identity:



Iron Man’s identity wasn’t always public like it is now. For years, he made everyone think that Iron Man was his bodyguard. This did create great dramatic tension. However, this wasn’t a good thing to do, especially to his friends or his countless lovers over the years.

In doing so, Iron Man did spend a lot of time hiding half of his identity. Subsequently, with this, he also shut out some of the closest people in his life. Moreover, it is a very horrible thing that he did, especially when you consider almost 40 years of stories.

9)He Also Gave The Suit To Someone With Head Trauma In Marvel Comics:

One of the major concerns that Tony Stark has during the first of his career as Iron Man is that he has to constantly risk his life every time he goes into battle. He is undoubtedly very rich, smart and generally more powerful than his opponents. However, the very accident that created Iron Man also gave him a fragile heart.


In saying so, he eventually strains himself. It gets to a point where he tries to pawn his Armor off to someone else. And this is when we see Eddie March, a boxer, come in. While March is physically fit to be Iron Man, he has dealt with too much head trauma. And Tony doesn’t even check this fact, thereby risking March’s life.

8. Another One Of The Worst Things Iron Man Did Was Charge For The Extremis App:

In the comics, Tony manages to survive AXIS. However, this does not leave his old personality intact. He finds himself turning into the opposite of all that he has been. He begins selling weapons to the highest bidder again. Moreover, he even introduces all of Earth to Extremis’ new version. Subsequently, he risks the rewiring of people’s bodies to look and think according to the wants of the Extremis.

He even gives the app to an entire city for free, that too for a whole day. It would shut off after a day, and to continue using it, people would have to pay $100 per day. Getting addicted to it, people even started robbing and looting to pay for the app.


7. In Marvel Comics, He Has Also Killed A Foreign Dignitary:

Iron Man lets his guard down in “Demon in a Bottle,” and it is his first spiral into alcoholism. In doing so, he lets his guard down just enough for Justin Hammer to gain control over the Armor using the “Hypersonic Scan Transmitter”. With this device, Hammer successfully gets remote access to parts of Iron Man’s Armor.

Eventually, Hammer forces Iron Man to kill a foreign dignitary, that too with his unibeam. Even though the death itself isn’t Stark’s fault, he did let his guard down. And this resulted in another human’s death.

6) Working With Kang The Conqueror Is Amongst The Worst Things Iron Man Ever Did:


This is one of the Worst Things Iron Man has ever done. Additionally, it is also one of the worst ideas in comics. In the comics, we see Iron Man begin to act erratic with his fellow Avengers. And that was a reason for concern. This concern subsequently becomes a priority when we find out that Iron Man has become a secret agent for Kang the Conqueror. Working alongside him for an untold number of years, he finally decided to turn on his allies. This resulted in Stark losing his life until Heroes Reborn brought him back.

5) He Has Also Lied To His Friends About Being Dead:

Stark was shot by a jealous ex, and his body fell apart because of his constant use of technology. Moreover, his desire to be Iron Man got him in more trouble than ever. Due to this, he needed the chance to mend himself. And so, he told the world that he was dead.

On the other hand, the doctors helped to fix him, while giving him time to heal. However, not telling his friends about this somehow did not make any sense at all. It also isolated him a lot more, especially from people that loved him.


4. In Marvel Comics, One Of The Worst Things Iron Man Did Was Pretend To Fire Himself:

This could very easily refer to all of the Armor Wars, so to say. Tony loses it in the comics when he discovers that the designs for his Armor have been stolen and given to other people. He sets out to stop anyone using his Armor’s design immediately. Additionally, he melts their suits to slag with his special technology.

Doing this angers the wrong people, too many times. And due to this, Stark Industries gets into trouble. And so, Tony does the only logical thing he can think of: firing himself. Eventually, he continues to work as Iron Man and has to fake his death to survive and get control over his tech back.

3) He Also Supported The Superhero Registration Act, Which Was Wrong:


Supporting the Superhero Registration Act has to be the worst thing Iron Man has ever done. Trusting the government with intimate information of a hero’s loved ones, identity or even job, was a terrible idea. And it never got better in the comics. tony fought with other heroes. He even threw them in jail without any proper protocol.

It is due to these actions that Captain America got killed. Eventually, Stark put himself in a spot such that his technology got hacked during the Skrull’s attempted invasion. Soon after, he lost his position in S.H.I.E.L.D. to Norman Osborn. This means that all the heroes’ info was suddenly in the hands of Spider-Man’s oldest enemy. Nothing good came out of this, and most of it is Iron Man’s fault.

2. Among The Worst Things Iron Man Did Was Murder A Bunch Of Sentient AI:


In one of the more recent Marvel Comics, we find out that Iron Man might actually be an AI himself. And all this is due to the various experiments we have seen over the last ten years of Iron Man stories. Also, we see Tony ending up with some angry AIs outside his headquarters.


Soon, the outside of his place becomes the home for a battle of Tony vs. a combination of Vision and Wonder Man. Furthermore, it is during this time that he comes up with a plan to use an EMP to deactivate him and fix things. But using it without thinking, he winds up killing all of the AIs in the area.

1) Lastly, Sending The Hulk Into Space Was The Worst Thing Iron Man Ever Did:

While many think that sending the Hulk into space wasn’t a bad idea, it actually was. In saying so, Hulk wound up on a completely different planet. Subsequently, this made things worse and he wound up coming back angrier than ever.

Due to this, the Hulk also tore through the entire superhuman community just to collect the Illuminati who decided to send him away.


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