10 Weird Facts About Doctor Strange’s Body


Weird Doctor Strange Facts About The Supreme Sorcerer’s Body:

Doctor Strange’s body has been weird for over fifty years, which says a lot. The Supreme Sorcerer has been fighting evil in the Marvel Universe for a long time. In other words, he is fighting evil ever since he made his debut in 1963. And since Doctor Strange has an incredibly weird world, it does not come as a surprise that his body is just as freaky. Also, his entire history has something to do with his body.

Therefore, the following are some of the strangest Doctor Strange Facts that are sure to pique your interest.

His Body Is Older Than The Earth:

Unlike the actual Earth, the Earth in the Marvel Universe isn’t billions of years of old. Similarly, Doctor Strange’s body is also not ancient. Rather, it has been there for some timeless than a century. This is definitely one of the weirdest Doctor Strange Facts ever. In the Bronze Age story narrative, Eternity passes a decree stating that the Earth’s time is up. To save the world, Strange steps forward, but fails.


All this is a scheme by his enemy, Nightmare, as it turns out. Despite that, the earth is destroyed. So Strange tries to free Eternity from Nightmare, who then recreates the planet exactly as it was. The only change here is that Doctor Strange’s body remains the same from the original Earth. He is also the only one who knows that the world did end.

He Had To Die To Become The Sorcerer Supreme

One of the earlier stories of Doctor Strange’s life states that the Ancient One lost his life. In regards to this, one of the many Doctor Strange Facts states that he passed his powers on to Strange. Following this, Stephen becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme. But the Ancient One fails to tell him about all the challenges that follow.

Stephen has to die and undergo a passage through the Orb of Agamotto before he becomes anything. This way, he triumphs over termination, thereby freeing himself of any physical fears. He thus becomes the true Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth.


Other Doctor Strange Facts Include:

He Loses His Left Eye And Dormammu Moves Into His Eye Socket:

One of the biggest Doctor Strange Facts is that his body did not have an eye for some years in the late 1980s. He loses his left eye in a war against demons. He keeps it covered until Agamotto transplants Silver Dagger’s eye into the socket.

Also, before the transplant, Dormammu used to lurk behind the patch. This happens when Strange destroys Dormammu. Subsequently, the remnants of the dread one’s life slip behind the patch only to become strong enough to take over Stephen’s life.

His Body Is A Living Weapon:
Stephen Strange is someone who is more about the brain than power. He wins against his foes by out-thinking them, rather than killing them. Also, he is tough physically as well as magically. Additionally, he has training in martial arts. All of this, all together, make his body a living weapon and affect the Powers Of Doctor Strange.


He Needs Poisonous Food To Survive:
Another one of the incredible Doctor Strange Facts suggests that he needs to have poisonous food to survive. In order to protect the mortal world, Stephen pays a terrible price. One of these includes eating food that tastes like leprosy. This is because the constant use of magic has altered his body.

Some More Doctor Strange Facts

Going To Sleep Puts His Life In Danger:

One of the many risks his life has includes sleep, which can be very lethal to Stephen. In Strange Tales #122, he ends up sleeping after several sleepless days. On waking up, a mysterious robed figure confronts him and defeats him. And all the while, none of the Powers Of Doctor Strange work.

He finally realizes that he is daydreaming and Nightmare is writing the story to this dream. Since he was exhausted, he forgot to utter the incantation that protects him from all this.


Magic Keeps His Body From Ageing:

Although Strange is not as ancient as the Ancient One, he is way older than he actually looks. Strange has been around in the Marvel Universe for as long as he has been in the comics. His looks are just due to his mastery of magic.

Also, passing through the Orb of Agamotto has stopped him from ageing.

He Loses Most Of His Powers When The Hulk Breaks His Hands:

Most of the Powers Of Doctor Strange are lost when the Hulk breaks his hands. In the epic World War Hulk narrative, Stephen projects his astral self into Hulk’s mind to reason with him. And just when we think that Strange has saved everyone, Bruce Banner changes to Hulk and crushes Stephen’s astral hands. Subsequently, he also shatters his real hands too.

Due to this, Stephen loses most of his magical power after which he no longer remains Sorcerer Supreme.


Some More Doctor strange facts

He Has An Eye In The Middle Of His Forehead:

The eye of Agamotto is Doctor Strange’s most powerful tool. It can function as anything, from a tracking ray to a mind probe. It is also very magical. And it all sits right in the middle of Stephen’s forehead, like a third eye.

His Body Spends A Lot Of Time Lying Around Helpless:

In one of the weirdest Doctor Strange Facts and stories, he mostly fights when he is outside his body. He does so by astral projections, especially since he is influenced by his fascination with Eastern mysticism.

So, when he is out of his body, he can pass through solid objects and fly incredibly fast. He can also possess his magic during this time. But even then, when he leaves his body, it passes out and cannot move. It also becomes vulnerable to possession. Additionally, if his spirit does not return to the body within 24 hours, it will die.


Bonus doctor strange facts: He Passes Up The Chance To Merge His Body With The Universe:

One of the most mind-blowing Doctor Strange Facts is that Stephen turns down the chance to be one with the physical universe. Just like the spirit of the Ancient One moves on to merge with the universe, Stephen gets the same chance in Doctor Strange #19.

It is a test, as revealed, to prove that Strange is ready to ascend and join his mentor. But he likes being human and subsequently refuses to merge with the universe.

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