10 Marvel/DC Characters With The Exact Same Powers


The Marvel Vs DC Worlds:

Marvel Vs DC, is a choice that every comic book fan faces in their life at least once. This is not just a difficult question. It absolutely cuts the fan to the core. Additionally, it tends to inspire passionate responses as well as defenses of the fan of the side they choose. DC Vs Marvel? This is a question that has divided the comic book community ever since its conception.

The Powers Of Superheroes Of Marvel Cinematic Universe And DC Universe:

Both the DC Vs Marvel publications have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. But, the one fact that we tend to miss is that the two are more alike than they are different. Furthermore, when it comes to the powers their superheroes possess, the two worlds share more similarities than we can think of. The following are 10 Marvel and DC superheroes with the exact same powers.


Marvel Vs DC- Quicksilver and The Flash

The Flash and Quicksilver are two of the most well-known speedsters in the world of comic books. According to a television show on The Flash, we more or less know about the powers he has. He can run through walls, hurl lightning as well as travel in time. On the other hand, Quicksilver’s powers remain somewhat straightforward. Moreover, where the filmed media is concerned, we know that he can run extremely fast.

Additionally, both talk fast and are quick-witted. Regardless, both Pietro and Barry have distinct characteristic differences that keep them from being too similar.

DC World Vs Marvel Universe- Superman and Captain Marvel


When anyone hears about the powers of Captain Marvel, without knowing who he is, they can easily assume that the hero in question is Superman. They can fly and shoot lasers, and have super strength. Additionally, they are also invulnerable to any earthly weaponry. Superman came first and has now become the template for any superhero that comes after.

Also, Captain Marvel has some striking similarities to the supposed godfather of superheroes. Yet, both of them are a beacon of hope in their own rights.

DC and Marvel- Aquaman and Namor

Even though these heroes differ in their worldview, they do have many surface similarities. Aquaman has always been a hero, protecting his home kingdom Atlantis along with the surface world. Namor, the Sub-Mariner, has been more of an anti-hero if not a full-blown villain at times.


Both hail from Atlantis and Namor is the son of Atlantean royalty in addition to being a surface-swelling human. Additionally, both heroes have superhuman strength, super-speed underwater and other aquatic superpowers.

Marvel and DC- Iron Man and Cyborg

Even though the two have the exact same powers, Victor Stone and Tony Stark are very different. Both can fly, have suits of armor, and the ability to hack anything. However, Victor is dependent on his suit to stay alive. Iron Man, on the other hand, can walk freely without the constraints of his suit.

DC Vs Marvel- Green Arrow and Hawkeye


Both the heroes essentially are “The Bow and Arrow Guys”. While Hawkeye gets his training in S.H.I.E.L.D., he also has the gift of amazing vision from the very start. Olivers, on the other hand, gets his skills after a long stint on a deserted island. Both can shoot accurately from any distance, using grapplers, explosive arrows and even electric shots, among other things. Moreover, they are also highly skilled in hand to hand combat.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs DC- Ant-Man and The Atom:

Both of these superheroes seem like they are the same onscreen. Additionally, even audiences feel that shrinking powers is fun and thrilling to see. Both The Atom and Ant-Man can grow to enormous heights as well as shrink to a microscopic size.

DC and Marvel- Elongated Man and Mr. Fantastic


To end a long ongoing debate, Dibny arrived first in the comic book world. He appears in The Flash #112 almost a whole year before Reed Richards came in Fantastic Four #1. Yet, both of these are talented scientists and can stretch themselves incredibly. They also have amazing elasticity powers as well.

Marvel and DC- Deadpool and Deathstroke:

It is important to know that Deadpool was originally created by Rob Liefeld as a homage to the DC villain Deathstroke. Both have backgrounds as a mercenary, use guns and swords as their main weapons and have an almost identical costume. The only difference is in their color scheme. However, Deathstroke seems to lack all the powers of Deadpool.  Moreover, he cannot regenerate from wounds or teleport as Deadpool can. The similarities between these characters are more aesthetic.



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